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I have this tickle in my throat that wont go away...I keep coughing but nothings coming up...any ideas????
I have a sinus infection....but this is bothering me more than the congestion....will chloraseptic help??

Have you ever been checked for food allergies?

Get some Halls Breezers the Tropical Chill works great!!

nisha m
Chew two or three pepper seeds and salt together you will feel better. More remedies available at http://ailments.in/sorethroat.html

Were you in smoke-filled club or pub last night ?
Has someone sprayed some ghastly deodoriser near you?
Have you got one of this room deodiser things puffing out?
These are all triggers for the kind of asthma where you keep needing to clear your throat as though you have something irritating in it.

Whatever, go to the doctor!

Sounds like a cold.Double ur vitamin " c ".

Take it easy! Relax. Mix hot tea with honey. Keep taking cough-drops! Stay warm. And drink Cranberry juice! Get a hot-pad out and put it in you chest. This usually helps. Old remidies come in handy, and usually work!

Nurse Susan
Since you also have a sinus infection, it is probably post-nasal drip. Take the meds the doc prescribed and drink lots of fluids [ hot works best for me ]
Try Chloraseptic lozenges - they work!

Two shots of tequila!

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