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Poster no27
I have bad breathing problems, what does it sound like?
instead of an "attack" or "episode" of breathing difficulties, it's constant, as in always, for the past week it's felt like i can't take in enough air, more like my airways are restricted. other than that i also have a slight mild cough, tickling in throat, phlegm in the throat, dizziness, lightheadedness nausea and a bit of chest pain. i have no wheezing when breathing through my mouth. i know it's easy to say allergies, but the MAIN problem is breathing problems, with dizziness/lightheadedness, and nausea. and i'm not sneezing whatsoever. it feels more like asthma, but without "attacks" and constant restriction, although it does get worse late night/early morning. i also have a nasty taste in my mouth often. if this were allergies, why do i not have sneezing, and if this were asthma why do i not have wheezing?

lastly i've already seen a doctor (no fever), and i've seen a hospital (chest xrays are normal) but this is getting a bit ridiculous..i'm losing sleep and feel like crap.
Additional Details
-it's not anxiety, it's been ongoing for a week no matter how i'm feeling mentally, the only thing stressing me out at all is the fact that it won't go away and i have not a clue what it is.

-i tried dusting my house no help

-have the window open

-i've already seen a dentist my teeth are fine, although the nasty taste in my mouth isn't the important thing here..

super m
Too much to read.

I have COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.) These are MY symptoms.
Chronic wheezing, though not always able to hear it, but I can feel it.
Can't get a deep breath to save my soul. Shallow breaths always.
Upon exertion I feel lightheaded and faint. Caused by not enough oxygen getting to brain. MUST stop and catch breath. When I walk slowly around the store or yard, etc. After about 1 minute it feels in my chest like I have been running for 10 minutes. I will experience pain at this point, but soon as I regain my wind, the pain goes away.
If I get a cold, flu, bronchitis, etc. It takes me an extra 2 weeks to rid myself of cough and congestion due to the illness. IF I get any of the aforementioned, I usually get cyanotic(dusky looking due to lack of oxygen.) I can't breath at all hardly. Even at rest my chest feels tight and like I have just run a marathon. A pulse oximeter at rest will show me around 90 or less sometimes. Normally when not sick a pulse ox will show around 95 on room air.
Your Dr. should have one of these in their office to check how much air you are receiving. If not, the hospital does.
I do not run a fever unless sick with the flu, etc.
Humidity plays a BIG factor with breathing problems. I MUST have air cond. in the summer. If humid, I can't breath at all. ALSO, extreme cold will take my breath away too. (I'm talking like around 10 or less degrees out. I use a scarf for protection then.)
Smoke irritates the lungs too and will make you cough.
I have a cough, but is usually NON productive. (NO PHLEM)

COPD is a combination of emphysema and chronic bronchitis(Basically)
Chest x-ray will NOT usually show this if in early stages. Have your Dr. do a pulmonary function test. If he/she won't seek another opinion if you feel like I do.
I hope this helps you identify some symptoms of lung problems.

If your physical work up with the doctor was normal...then perhaps you have an anxiety disorder. You may want to see a psychiatrist.

Granny Good Witch
Get some X-Clear, to clean out your sinus's. It is for people that work in polluted environments. This is a saline nasal wash with xylitol, the xylitol makes it sweet. all holistic, order some Oxypowder, you can get it on ebay, or Amazon, or at oxypowder.com, it removes impacted matter from your body, which is probably creating the bad breath by the accumulation of bad bacteria, candida, yeast or fungus overgrowth. Then do a liver cleanse, you can get this at any good health food store, or online. You may want to try a heavy metal cleanse, OR a full body cleanse, kit, just to start, but DO invest in the OXYPOWDER. A heavy metal cleanse removes mercury from vaccines from your body & any excess iron. Allergies are an attack on your immune system at the liver. Last but not least, if this doesn't work, see your conventional family doctor if you are dying, they are good at giving out antibiodics, but only if you are dying. Then you will need to do a Candida cleanse to replenish the good bacteria that the antibiotic has destroyed. Make sure you Drink plenty of steam distilled water, stay away from sugar & anything that contains high fructose corn syrup, if it contains high fructose corn syrup as one of the first 3 main ingredients, it will store what you eat into your fat instead of your muscle. You are responsible for your own health. Doctors won't find the cause, they will only treat the symptoms, & put you on drugs. Then find a good holistic practioner. I am only speaking from personal experience, this has worked for me. I hope this helps.

Did the doctor test your lung function?
A simple although slightly illegal home test is to have a puff from an asthmatic's rescue inhaler to see if it improves your breathing

Asthma could be your problem or maybe you have been exposed to a fungus or mold that is effecting your breathing. Asthma can cause your breathing to feel restricted all the time not just when having an attack.
Good luck I hope you feel better and get some real help soon.

You may be hyperventilating if you are using your mouth to breathe. Try keeping your mouth closed at all times if possible.
Also, look up the Buteyko method of breathing on the internet. It may help you a lot. Good luck.

Have you had your house checked for black mold? Thant stuff can make you very sick. Food allergies?? Just a thought. Hope you can get some answers soon.

go to ur dentist u might have tooth decay causing the bad breath /// also sometimes bad breath comes from inside// take laxatives and seee if that helps

Jeanette M
it could be bronchitis....also sound to me you have an upper respiratory infection...then it may be pneumonia....or even emphysema....if i was you i would get a second opinion...go see another doctor or even go to the emergency room.

You could have COPD and sleep apnea.

Ultimate Guitar Hero!
sounds like asthma. i would get another doctors opinion.

You may not have asthma, but you probably have bronchial spasms - some doctors would argue that it's the same thing, just a different name, but it's not. It is possible to have airway sporadic airway constriction without wheezing. Furthermore, if you're dizzy and have chest pain, then this could be stress related. Have you been under any additional stress? If so, then you could be having panic attacks - which many people have frequently. To test this theory, the next time you feel the problem occuring, sit down and slow down, turn off the television and get away from any potential stressors - traffic, people, whatever. See if the problem subsides. To be on the safe side, consult another physician and have another X-Ray done. The nausea is the only thing that's a bit different, because that wouldn't come from panic attacks or bronchial spasms. If the problem persists, it might be gastrointestinal (i.e. Acid Reflux) which could basically encompass all of your symptoms, especially the chest pain, mild cough, etc... To rule this out, go to a gastroenterologist and have him/her perform a barium swallow (where you drink "chalky stuff" :) while the physician observes what is occuring within your esophagus. Have you ever noticed if the problem just happens sporadically or does it occur within an hour or two after eating? Good luck and take care!!

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