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I have a strange smell in my nose that I can't get rid of and it's there wherever I am?
It's almost like being in a very dusty room all the time

You either have something stuck in your nose or possibly something going on in your brain. I know often times people that have seizures complain of a strange smell before their seizure starts. You should probably get it checked out if you are having any other symptoms.

well that smells don't it

if u starts smokeing then u will feels better,,,,,,,,,,,,i gaurentee it!!!!

if u were recently working with bleach, then it'll go away after a while. that happened to me. but if not, then maybe its something in ur nose

Jennifer S
Are you having any congestion or anything? Also, are you around any mold? Go to the doctor if it persists.......wow. That must be rough.

me you
as strange as it sounds... sniffing coffee beans are good for clearing 'sniffer'. Women who frequent the perfume counters know this very well.

Earthy Angel
Only thing I could think of that might help- take some coffee beans in a bowl and sniff them a couple times. Usually when you are smelling perfumes or something, you will see coffee beans there because it will remove the scent that you last smelled. This may help you, but if you have a serious problem, it may just be a temporary fix.


sniff coffee beans
sniff a clean part of yr body ( the back of yr hand ) usually it will balance the smell in yr nose

Is this something that just started to happen or you have always had this strange smell?

If it just started to happen, you may have a sinus infection.

dust off your upper lip. :)

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