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I had a cold and now I can't hear out of my ear?
I had a cold this weekend, and today I had a horrible cough and runny nose. Then this afternoon my ears started feeling plugged up. Now one of them is so plugged I can barely hear out of it. It feels like I have ear plugs on.

Is this normal? Will it go away in the morning?

Sounds like you had a head cold or sinus infection.

Anyways, if you still can't hear out of your ear in the morning, you probably have an ear infection. No big deal, just see a doctor before t gets too painful, he'll give you some antibiotics and maybe some pain killers if you have pain, cause ear infections can be really painful.'

Hope you feel better in the morning! :)

i guess..

Yes its normal, I've had this happen to me when I never even heard of it before I was freaking out. Coughing and blowing your nose causes your ears to pop (when their already stuffed up and congested) It will eventually unpop just try moving your jaw chewing gum and I found even blowing your nose again will unpop it

Rosemary B
Get yourself to the doctor before it gets worse and I speak from experience. One ear infection turned into two infections and a sinus infection. I couldn't hear at all at first and it didn't get better for over a month. People had to almost yell to talk to me. Telephone conversations just didn't happen.

Please see a doctor before it gets worse - better safe than sorry.

Hope you feel better.

Crystal G
This has happened to me before, twice actually. The first time I got super sick and it turned into an ear infection and I couldn't hear for like two weeks. I had to go to the doctor, I don't remember what he prescribed though. The second time happened to one of my ears like a few weeks ago, I had too much wax in there so I had to go to the doctor to get it cleaned out. Either way, you need to go to the doctor. Good luck :)

Char W
Yip its normal. you can have blocked ears for like a month after a cold. It happened to me for about a week. Just keep blowing your nose even if you dont have to, it moves everything. So yea dont freak out, its completely normal. Just blow your nose heaps and it will go away, I promise

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