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ronald b
I cant breathe and I don't have my inhaler. What do I do?

drink lots of water its supposed to ease your throat and open up your airways

get off the internet

Is it cool were you are? If it is go outside and breath the cool air.
Sometimes turning on the shower with cold water and building up a mist helps.
Best bet, go to the ER

drink coffee or er

Layla T
to the hospital!!!

You are going to have to go to the ER. Don't wait. Asthma attacks get very dangerous when not treated right away.

find an inhaler, or call 911. try drinking caffeine while you wait its a bronchodialator. good luck.

Can you go to the pharmacy where you have your prescription? The pharmacist should be able to allow you to purchase an inhaler on an emergency basis ....

Two cans of coca cola or coffee can help stem the tide ....

If you are really struggling ... go to the ER

Best wishes ...

Go to the pharmacy (if open) and tell them. They can probably arrange to get one for you. There is always the ER if it gets worse. Two cups of strong black coffee often helps
(I have used this for my asthma at times). It contains a theophyline type substance which loosens the bronchioles.
I suppose you could try one of those OTC inhalers (Bronkaid),
however they can sometimes be dangerous, especially if you have any cardiovascular problems.

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