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I can't breathe through my nose at night-when i lay down, it gets stuffy...?
I feel fine during the day or when i am sitting up/standing up, but as soon as i lay my head down, my nose gets stuffy and i can't breathe - one side (the one i am laying on) gets stuffy and so i have to flip over and it kinda drains to the other side. This has been going on for about 2 months and is getting worse. I need my sleep! I have no known allergies, but have tried allergy medication with no relief. Hot showers don't work either. Or saline spray. What could the problem be and what can i do for it????
Additional Details
Breathe Right strips dont work. And I'm not overweight- I'm 5'3 , 120lbs.

as for tha night id use vicks..hopefully u kno wat that is, or a humidifier, those really work too, bt i don really kno exactly wat ta do bout during tha day....so ya do either of those two an get some sleep!!! hope this helped

I have exactly the same problem. I wake up frequently with dry mouth etc etc. I'm considering going to see an ENT specialist. Have you had any more useful answers?

hmmm I have the same prob! vicks vapor rub REALLY helps also get a vicks inhaler!

I have read a lot that dairy can cause mucous production. Try cutting out dairy, allergic or not and see if that makes a difference. Good luck!

A visit to a pneumology and probabily use a couple of pillow. Also is you are overweigth is very common ,weigth loss help

neaty sally
Have you try nasal spray Flixonase spray, is very effective. every night even day time i also got that problem or stress with my work. i spray 2 spray on each nose. first of all you need consult GP doctor.

The problem is physical - the structures within your nose are collapsing. There is a simple solution - a thing called "Breathe Right". Buy it at your local drugstore. It's a butterfly-like piece of padded plastic with a strong adhesive that you stick across your nose according to the package direction. I have the same problem you do, and Breathe Right works for me. Kenny's Drugs, Rite Aid, Walgreens - all the major outlets carry it. If you don't see it on the shelf, ask an employee where it is.

im not a doctor or anything and i also know you said that the sprays didn't work but whenever my nose gets stuffy i use a spray called Afrin for temporary relief. it actually works really well but if you do use this make sure you read the directions. other than that consult your doctor to see if it is a serious problem

try 5 drops of oregano under your tongue , hold it there 30 seconds and swollow letting air back up through your nose, this should clear you passages, you may need an air condensor or humidifier to help you sleep

Matt A
Allergies are bad at night in bed. Especially if you let pets sleep with you. Pet hair is an allergy trigger.

Another issue with beds is dust mites. Dust mites are found more around beds then any other place in the house. Dust mites feed on dead human skin. There is more human skin in and around the bed then anywhere else. That's because you shed most of your skin there. Dressing and undressing will shed it along with normal sleeping.

You need to wash all your bedding on a regular basis and vacuum the carpet around the bed regularly.

You may want to see if the "stuffing" in you pillow is a materiel that you are allergic to.

Good luck

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