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Andre H
I've been having difficulty breathing, it feels like there's a ton of bricks on top of my chest.?
It started 2 days ago and it feels like it's getting worse. I'm only 25 and never had health problmes before. I don't have a cold, it's just extremely difficult to breathe. Any idea out there of what's going on? I don't have health insurance, so it would be a fortune to have to go to the doctor. Thanks!!!

Call an ambulance

you could be developing asthma,,,or just getting a bad chest cold,,,see a dr.,, you can make payments,,or they may refer you to a low cost clinic

righteous pearl
Baby, go to the doctor.You need a diagnose for that one don't try to get a guess on what could be wrong with you it could mean your life. The bill is worth it.

mrs. brandon flowers (i wish!!)
maybe your lungs or something. do you wheeze when you breathe?

Call 911 if it's real bad or go to the ER if you can. It could be nothing and could be something I am sure.

Aunt Nan
When you take a deep breath do you make a wheezing sound? It sounds like it could be an asthma attack. If it is asthma, you need to seek medical attention because your bronchial tubes are contracting and cannot deliver the oxygen to your system that you need. I suggest that you go to an immediate care center and deal with the expense later. Medical bills can be dealt with, major illness, especially breathing difficulties need medical attention immediately!

Everyone else is right. It could be asthma. But it could also be a HEART ATTACK. You need to go to the emergency room immediately! It may be a fortune, but your life is worth it.

why do people gamble with their lives? go to your general practitioner doctor or even a clinic. they will at least do a quick check up, probably an xray, and prescribe some medication. yes it will be expensive, but likely less than $500. however if you just try to tough it out, and things get real bad you'll be looking at a minimum of $5000, that's an ambulance ride to the ER and a couple days in the hospital.

You could have asthma. If you have allergies or suspect that you have allergies, they could be causing the heavy feeling in your chest. Regardless of whether you can afford it or not, if you don't get the asthma looked at soon, it can cause very serious problems and sometimes even death if it becomes bad enough. Try taking an antihistamine like Claritin or Alavert and see if it helps any. If it does, you do have a problem with allergies. Find out if there is a clinic in your area that helps people that don't have insurance.

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