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Theater freak
I'm having a hard time breathing...can you help?
i am only 15 and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest

If you have mucus in your lungs in addition to the Vicks buy some over the counter Mucinex and drink plenty of water. It will make it easier to discharge the mucus.

Have you checked with your parents..Do to the element of no history, it is hard to say why your having trouble breathing. Do you have asthma, do you smoke, do you have allergies?? See it is not all that easy to figure this out. The very best thing to do is take the elephant of your chest and get to the physcian. Go tell your parents right away before this gets worse. And if the elephant is not moving get a mouse.

I experience some of the same problems myself what I would do go to the doctor get check out. then maybe they can get put you you on some medication.

Muhammad Ishfaq A
Allergy problem,

Drink more water

go to the er

You probably have Bronchitis you should tell an adult soon before it turns into pneumonia

Do you smoke
Are you otta breath casue you ran
Go to your docta

Your DOCTA does some good but some damage too$$$$$
But it is not worth dieing





dont want to scare, but it might be asthma or some kind of condition with your heart. Get it checked out!

daryl a
have a check up..
maybe you have an asthma...

You could be experiencing asthma which can come out of nowhere. There are many holistic things you can do. Try yoga and doing deep breathing exercises and mediation when you feel better. Go to the health food store for remedies. Take out a book on health and find ways to improve your breathing, don't eat to the point of being too full which obstructs the lungs, don't ever smoke or go around second hand smoke, and stay clear of cats. Many people are allergic to them.

For a short term time, u can try applying Vicks VapoRub to you chest for better breathing. Footballers do use it for better breathing while on the pitch.

For the long term, i guess seeing a Doctor is the best.

if it continues after a week go to a doctor

sparks a lot
see a dr.

Are you having a lot of stress? If not it might be you are devoloping asthma. Make sure you tell an adult, or it could lead to you getting much much more sick. Good Luck and feel better soon.

Have your folks get you to an ER asap

Being with oxygen for very long can screw you up for the rest of your life

This can be caused be many factors.....A Cold,Asthma,Pneumonia and other causes such Stress, or Emotional Distress ect. You need to see if any of these items are related to the your dfficulty. If it is related to the medical conditions, you may need to see a physician, if you have never been diagnosed with asthma you may need to have a pulmonary test done...hope this helps.

Tell your parents about this right away!!!

I had that feeling once. I was really sick. It turned out that I had pneumonia.

You need to go to the doctor if you are having trouble breathing. It could be something as simple as Asthma or Allergies, but it could be something worse like Pneumonia.

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