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How to fake a asthma attack to even fool a nurse?
they say that they willl hear a wheeze in noise when ther listen ur breathing with a telosshope.
Additional Details
dont get me wrong this is 4 DRAMA.A school production i am doing

Muthu S
You can do it. 1 Continue to cough (acting) 2. Act as if you are choked to breath. 3. In asthma attack -can not speak (do sign language)
note;- It is not "telosshope" It is Stethescope

For a play --- Simply just act as thou you have run a long way and are breathless ,
And if for other reasons then a trained medical person will know if you are faking, and don`t fool with faking illness as it may stay permanent.
As they say "don't cry wolf " unless there is a wolf

Unless the whole audience is going to hear you wheeze, you are wasting your time.

There are no set symptoms for an asthma attack. It differs depending on the person.

By the way, its called a stethoscope.

This doesn't sound like its for a drama production, it sounds like someone is trying to get out of class. Who would care about fooling a nurse unless they are trying to get out of class?

Asthmatic wheezing is due to a twisting or contraction of the bronchial smooth muscle in the lower respiratory tract, air flow and turbulence. Not fluid in the lungs as suggested previously to you. How about you go seek counseling, you will have to fake nothing.

Asthma is very serious, and should not be joked around with. The wheezing sound is fluid in your lungs... so unless you can find a way to fill your lungs with fluid (and not die), then knock yourself out.

I have been a Registered Respiratory Therapist for over 17 years. I have never been fooled by someone faking wheezing. See the thing is this...you might be able to breath like an asthmatic for a little while, but after a while, they will start to notice that you only wheeze when they come into the room. A person can not fake lower airway wheezing. It is not possible.

One of the biggest myths surrounding asthma is that it is not a serious illness to have. People's airways may be more reactive than other people's airways, but whenever we are speaking of an illness that has to do with breathing, it is a serious illness. The American Lung Association says, "When you cannot breathe, nothing else matters...". Anyone who has ever had to fight for their next breath knows that this is very true. Asthma, no matter how "mild", should be taken seriously.

So to use asthma to get out of school or whatever... I find this to be in bad taste.

Try and fake a different illness like maybe gangrene or something.

Lottie W
Why would you do such a thing?
They might take you to the ER and give you breathing treatments which could make you very sick, if you didn't need them.
You want people to respect you, believe you and care about YOU, then don't be a liar, fake or drama queen.

Akhilesh Patel
Hi medicine undergraduate here

do following
1 try to push or press your chest as much as you can with both the hands.
2. Breathe very shallow with no air (just like open mouth but no breathe)
3 red face with sweat over (use chilly not powdered for this purpose.)

this is enough to fool a registered nurse.

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