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 How do you know that your 10 day antibiotic didn't work for a sinus infection?
I was diagnosed with this horrendus sinus infection. They gave me a 10-day supply of Avelox 400mg. I started to feel better 4 days into taking the meds and kept getting better. All of a sudden I ...

 Nose Bleeding Problem?
I have had 6 nose bleeds with blood exiting from only my left nostril, does this mean that I have nasal obstruction?...

 Ugh im sick of being.....?
ugh im sick with sore thorat and im sneezin all day what kind of mec is good to take to make them go away faster? i had sore thorat for 4 days now i started sneezing today........

 Why can't I breath on rollarcoasters?
I am afraid of heights, but there are certain rollarcoasters i love to ride on. I live in Minnesota so I go to Valleyfair.

When i ride rollarcoaster, right at that first hill while ...

 Does any female in here have asthma that use a albuterol inhalation aerosol i need the prescription number?
i think i through the box away for the mediction i'm askingso does anyone know the prescription on the box of the mediction i decribed becuase i need a refil on this becuase that the only thing ...

 Do you think i have asthma?
I Joined the track team at school and even though I just throw and dont run in events we still run about one mile a day for warm up and but the first lap (1/4 mile) Im out of breath and my throght ...

 What is a hiccup?

 My grandfather passed away Monday afternoon. I was holding his hand as he did. I just have so many questions..
Just last week, he was getting better. He was walking a bit, he was starting to eat, and he was shaving himself. I mean he was in the hospital for 2 weeks and those 2 weeks were tough. They said his ...

 Over 2 weeks: Sore/swollen throat, cough, chest pressure, fever, hearing deficiency?
I've been having a sore throat for over 2 weeks now. The left side of my throat is swollen to the point that it is beginning to affect my speech/enunciation. Bright red throat with white dots. C...

 How can i tell if my asthma is starting up again?
I had asthma when i was born and as i got older i didn't realy have any asthma attacks. except for when i had ne out of the blue in 7th grade. Now i'm in 10th grade and i noticed this year ...

 What the casuse of smoking?

 I am recovering from bronchitis...?
I finished my antibiotics, quit smoking and took care of myself. This has gone on for about over a month and my lungs still feel weird like there is something in them and if I do strenuous activities ...

 Whats the Epiglottis and what does it do?
It slipped my mind....what does it do and what is it?...

 Tuberculosis test!!??
i got a tuberculosis test done yesterday the one where they inject you right under the skin. well i was just wondering what is normal and what is not normal. what do they look for if you have tb. ...

 Could I have Asthma?
I'm 18 and sometimes I feel that my chest gets tight and it becomes a little hard to breath, this would only happen to me sometimes but now its been alot more frequent. I have really bad sinuses ...

 How can i stop smoking anymore?

 Cite 10 celebrities suffering from an ailment?
and articles about the ...

 I have had a small loss of my voice for about four days and this morn my voice is gone?
IT is very hard to speak at all now even to wisper. I tried to cough and nothing happens but pain. Everyone in my family is dead from cancer but my doctor says no.....I dont have it?...

 Is it possible to just randomly develop asthma?
I've never had any signs, symptoms or problems before, but lately, I get short of breath often. I also have develop a "wheeze". And in cold weather or after physical exercise, I have ...

 Are the dangers of second hand smoke real?

How safe is a chest x-ray on a 2 year old?

no radiation is safe, but if the xray is necessary then get it done. ask the pediatrician.

A lot safer than the disease that your pediatrician is worried about who ordered the test.

Ask the doctor why a test is ordered, try not to second guess their judgement.

completely safe if done by a professional.

Dr. Nayyar
The 2 year old will be just fine. The amount of rads in a simple xray is small. Think of it this way, we give xays and CT scans to pregnant women.
Your child will be just fine.

Don't worry about it. The radiation dose now-a-days is very low for chest x-rays. ( we probably damage more cells taking a hot bath than having a chest x-ray ). Your 2 year old will be fine. No worries at all.

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