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How long until my cold goes away?
How long will my head cold to go away in? I've had it for 8 days now and still feel sick. Runny nose, cough, and just plain tired. I do not have a fever or body ache so i know it's not the flu. I'm taking sudafed and cough medicine

Mike H
it usally takes 2 days for a cold longer for a flu (which you really seem to have) I think I have a flu too!

You should see a doctor,they usually dont last that long.there maybe a more serious condition

Karen P
You need to build up your immune system. I have found that taking Airborne helps it to go away faster.( Available at drugstores and Walmart, etc.) They dissolve in water like alka-seltzer. Also you can drink Mona Vie health juice to build your immune system and keep colds away. (Available through independant distributors.)

Trail Hiker
a cold will generally go away in about 7 days. If it does not, then you should see a doctor

here is a recipe that is supposed to be good for colds.i haven't tried it.

Garlic and Herb Pasta

(This serves 2 really hungry people but can be spread out to 4 people if you serve it with a salad or something.)
 24 cloves of garlic, peeled (This is a really boring job but it's so very worth it.)
 2 T olive oil
 1 1/2 cup veggie broth or water
 a couple of Roma tomatoes and a little onion, maybe some red pepper
 ~2 T dried basil
 tarragon, oregano, pepper to taste (the more the better, usually 2 t tarragon is perfect)
 Whatever pasta floats your boat (I like penne or mostaciolli)

Sautee the garlic cloves (still whole) in the olive oil for 3 minutes, stirring frequently and being VERY careful not to burn them. If you do, throw em out and start over b/c burned garlic in this is REALLY gross. Add 1/2 c of the broth and turn the heat to low and let simmer for awhile, about 15 minutes or until the broth has evaporated mostly. [You should start the water for the pasta now.]

By this point, the garlic should be soft enough to crush with the back of a wooden spoon. Crush about 3/4 of them like this.

Add the rest of the broth, the sliced up tomatoes, the chopped up onion, and the herbs. I've actually never measured out the herbs I put in, so you should taste the broth and see how you like it.

Wait a couple minutes for the tomatoes to shrivel up, add more pepper, and turn the heat off. Try not to drool into the broth. :)

Usually a cold takes up to two weeks to get rid of. Only time can tell. Mine lasted as long as three weeks. All you can do for a cold is rest and sleep as much as you possibly can and drink plenty of fluids. Hope you feel better soon,love.

probably in around 14 days it usually lasts for 3 weeks i used zicam that helped a lot even though the chewables taste disgusting they work a lot

Unfortunately, a cold can last two or even three weeks. To help expidite getting well drink lots of fluids (particularly those rich in vitamin C such as orange juice) and you might try taking zinc capsules which are suppose to cut the length of a cold in half. Be sure to also get plenty of rest as sleep aids in your bodies healing process. If you aren't feeling much better in another week then it could just be that you are suffering from allergy's which have all the symptoms of a head cold (minus fever). Hope you feel better soon.

A untreated sinus infection could last as long as 4 weeks. I had one last year and went to the doctor after 4 weeks and he told me, that I am almost done with it and there was no point for taking antibiotics at this point.
I am going through the same thing again right know and a couple of days ago I could not hear on one ear, but this time its different, I am almost through with it without taking any antibiotic, because my immune system is high up. You know, a good immune system can fight many different diseases. I would suggest you get a very good vitamin C supplement and drink lots of fruit juices and take long hot steamy showers. Put some Vicks VapoRub on your chest and back and under your nose when you go to bed. If you can afford it, get a vaporizer including meds you put in it from the drugstore it will help you breathe better at night.
You will feel better soon.

pamela d
try to stay away from decongestants cause they can raise your blood pressure and their addictive. don`t buy decongestants. or lf you want you can buy anything else that may work but not decongestants

It usually takes about 7 days for a common cold to go away. If your mucous is yellowish/greenish then you may have an infection, like a sinus infection. If you are really feeling bad, then you should make an appointment to see your doctor. This site is a good place to search too for information on the common cold and about viruses versus bacterial infections. Feel better!

You can never tell how long it'll last. Just take it easy

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