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 How can i get pneumonia in one day?i have tried everything?
pls dont ask me why i need to know it.

Gary E
How long does it take to recover from pneumonia?

texada island mom
going from personal experience, it took me about 2 months to get over the pneumonia, but after that I was sick at least once a month for 18 months! It was horrible as I was always a very healthy person. After the 18months were over I was back to my normal once a year cold status. I believe that pneumonia compromises your immunine system for several months even when you are non symptomatic.

Always Be Happy
Usually a week and a half.

the Goddess Angel
It depends on how severe the case was and your health status prior to contracting it. Ask your doctor if you feel your progress is slow.

I had pneumonia in just one lung last October, spent 4 days in the hospital, at first I was running over 104 degree of fever.

The last 2 days I was in the hospital I did not run no fever, but the 2nd day out of the hospital the fever came back, it took 3 rounds of meds before the fever finally left me, and about 2 months before I got back to feeling normal once again.

Hi Gary,
Im sorry that you're ill. The recovery phase is different depending on the severity and the treatment your doctor recommends. If the pneumonia is bacterial please take your antibiotics as precribed. If the pneumonia is viral you just have to take good care of yourself until its out of your system. Please get plenty of rest, take all your medications, eat and drink, and dont get stressed.
Good luck

Two yrs. ago I had viral double pneumonia(both lungs) w/secondary Pleurisy that was infected. Double whammy. I had 105 temp for 21/2 days. I almost died. I just thought it was still the flu I had just had. I almost died...my blood/oxygen level was so low that they compared it to someone being under water for 15 mins. If I had not gone to the Dr. my kids would have found me either dead or unconscious the next morn. Don't mess around. They released me from the hosp. after 10 days...they say my lungs have damage that will always show up on an MRI. Good luck - and do what the Dr's. say. It's a serious prob.

It can sometimes take months. I'm assuming you have already seen a doctor so that you are convinced of this dx. In the meantime, keep taking your antibiotics, and schedule another visit so that you can be apprised of your recovery status.
Don't mess around with this

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