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How long does it take for sinus infection to go away?
any tips on alleviating the symptoms

If you were diagnosed with a sinus infection by a Dr they might have given you some antibiotics....a 7 day pack will clear the infection but the symptoms may hang out for 3 weeks or more. If you have pressure in your head try Sudafed in the morning (it will keep you awake if you take it at night). If you have post nasal drip try Mucinex which really works pretty good considering nothing takes away a drip. Drink plenty of water and ask the pharmacist for some saline nose drops (instead of sniffing salt water). Hang in there.

I suffer from sinus all the time. But I find if I eat dairy product it get worse so I keep of milk, cheese even chocolate. My attack usually last 24 hours i just use aspirins

it all depends on what kinda meds u may be on that and how bad it is try to use a vapors good luk

Ben Quick
Sorry I didnt see this question earlier damnsome people are dumb right. Ok they tend to last about two weeks untreated some times symptoms can last a month . If you want to you can go to the Dr. and get some antibiotics then it would be gone in like a week. But a Dr. once told me about this stuff you can buy at walmart or what ever you got near buy. Its called Tryamyason not to sure about the spelling but it will be next to the asprin and junk but it will be the only box that is BLACK AND YELLOW. Its the only over the counter antibiotic that works on sinus infections. The green and yellow snot will be gone in a week tops but keep takin it for a few days after. Ummm get well sooon

Well it depends on what kind of a sinus infection you have fungal,viral,bacterial? I have had a sinus infection for about two months I went to the doctor and he said it was bacterial because my bowels were green and my tongue would be green when I would wake up in the mornings. The anti-biotics are starting to work but if its not diagnosed properly it could take a long time. Stay away from air conditioning if possible that always makes your head worse. My infection affects my eyes the pressure around my nose makes lights appear very bright. Hope I helped

Michelle fom Illinois

Duration of sinus infection: "Most acute sinus infections respond to treatment or improve on their own within three weeks. Infections that last longer than three weeks are considered chronic sinusitis." (copied from the below link):


Sometimes you might need antibiotics, but try your best not to use them unless you really need to, or if your doctor tells you to use them. The doctor knows best. Then again, you don't want to overdo antibiotics by taking them every single time you have a sinus infection.

The best thing to do is (as gross and unpleasant as it may sound) is to mix 1/8 teaspoon of salt with one cup of water.


Then you sniff it into your nostrils.

DO NOT USE MORE SALT THAN 1/8 TEASPOON! TRUST ME ON THIS! The more is NOT the merrier in this case! It will burn like someone shoved a lit cigarette up your nose! If you just use the 1/8 teaspoon, you'll be fine.

There are different ways to get it in your nose too, so check out the below website and decide which is right for you:


It may make you feel like you are choking, but if you really try hard and think pleasant thoughts, you can do it without choking or spitting it up.

If you have these infections a lot, there is an operation you can get which may help, but I'm still confused as to which operation it is. I saw an ad on TV and I would like to get it done myself, but there are different types of sinus surgery I guess, so I don't know which one.

If anyone does know of this "newest" type of sinus surgery, I'd appreciate knowing too because I'll be standing at my doctors door. Of course, I could just call my doctor and ask, but do you know how easy that is, to get through?

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