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 How long can you take Claritin?
I have a post nasal drip due to air irritants(allergies).Claritin was recommended,my question is how long should I take it,two weeks,a month?Is it safe to take it for long periods?...

 Will the child get cough if eat biscutes?

 Cant Stop Coughing?
Beeing having a really horrible cough as of late, that and my nose is very congested, everytime i cough i do cough up some yellowy green stuff quite often, but the coughing is very prevelant at night ...

 Can you live with only one lung?
i have 2 can i donate one?...

 Since having my son 4 months ago I have no longer needed to take my Ventolin spray for asthma.?
I previously needed to take it at least once a day. I am wondering if you can suffer withdrawls from Ventolin? I have been taking it for over 25 years....

 Anxiety Attacks...?
During the school year I become way stressed out and recently, though I'm not exactly sure, I think that I might be having mild anxiety attacks. How will I know for sure? WHat should I do. P...

 Should the sale of cigarettes be banned?

 Wats the cure for sore throat, at night i cannot sleep, if i try i feel like i am gonna choke and dieHELP!!!?

 Coughing up mucus and lower rib pain in back! Help...?
I have had a cough for over a month now. First it came with a cold, then I caught another cold, and now the cold is gone but I am still stuffed up and cough up yellow-coloured mucus several times a ...

 Sinus/migraine headache suffers only, Can you help?
I live in Illinois and the humidity here is not conducive for sinus problems. I have been diagnosed with migraine headaches and get about 4 a mo. The best remedy I have found is Imitrex but would ...

 What are the side effects of smoking weed?

 I have heard that cigarette paper is more harmfull than the tobaco itself. is it correct?

 What does a smoker's cough sound like?
My brother has recently been coughing really bad. He is 31 years old, and he is in good health apart from the coughing as far as I know.

He coughs mainly in the morning, right after he ...

 Smoking Weed and cystic fibrosis. What should i do?
i know everyones going to say dont do it cause its bad and i already have cf.. but i really want to try it ONE time. really just once to get high. Can doing this once really hurt me and can i get ...

 Does a smokers clothing carry second hand smoke and is it harmful to a toddler?
My husband and I are arguing whether "2nd hand smoke" is just from smoke inhaled and blown out and then inhaled by a 2nd party OR if the smoke filled clothing is also considered harmful to ...

 Im 16 years and i have bronchial asthma but im a very heavy weed smoker. am i in any danger?
but i hear weed isnt that harmful i was wondering how this could affect me because im already suffering from severe congestion and i have sinus problems and i just tried cocaine for the first time a ...

 How does vicks vapour rub work when rubbed on chest or feet?
i find it especially weird that your meant to rub it on your feet. does it sink into the skin or something? i usually put it near my nose so i can breathe it in more....

 A question about chest x-rays.?
My mum had a chest x-ray a few weeks ago. They said everything was ok but now they've found a shadow on her x-ray and are going to give her a CT scan.

Does anybody have any idea why ...

 Is it true a mold/dampness problems in your house can give you breathing problems?

 Do I have a Sinus Infection?
I have bloody boogers, I cough up bloody flem (not all blood though), I have a lot of pressure in my head, I've been taking naps during the evening without doing much, and I'm really tired ...

How long does it take for a person to suffocate?
Not drowning, but just suffocating. Like if they're having trouble breathing or something.

well its difficult to say without specific parameters, with a big breath held, or fully expelled, just remember the rule of fours
4 minutes without oxygen
4 days without water
4 weeks without food
= death
are about the average but there have been cases where this can be extended.
cold water submersion, & so on.

seven minutes.

A minute or two. Your panic at not being able to breathe can speed the process.

hmmm....I don't know, should I go test it out on my ex-husband and let you know what I find out?

depends on lung capacity, how old, if they are athletic, if they are healthy, if they get a full lung of air in before hand. Plus, its diffrent for everyone. Not to mention how they are being suffocated.

I'd say the average is probably in the area of 3-5 min. But could easily vary depending on the conditions.

So, who are you wanting gone?

Not sure but you might not want to kill them now that you have broadcasted over the net

Sir Bran845
it depends what they are smuthered by,if a pillow case or somthing thin 10 minitues but it usually depedns on thickness

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