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http://s384.photobucket. it just a lil red look ...

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How long can a blocked ear last for?
i was told it can last about 3 - 4 weeks ..

joseph b
till the end of time(five past)

Marion F
it can last a while, especially if you ignore it too long. Sometimes it resolves itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. Go to your local pharmacy and pick up some ear drops. Talk to the pharmacist, he will recommend one. Follow the instructions on the box. If it doesn't help, see your doctor

mine last spring lasted 2 mths.

Samantha M
get them syringed. its awefull!!!!

Until you put some ear drops in and get them syringed.

beth w
qicker recovery time if you go and get it sorted by a doctor

Kim T
I had one that lasted for six months! If there's a health food store near you, buy yourself an ear candle. It sounds strange, but it works! It's an old remedy, used for hundreds of years.

maximum of 1 week.Thats all I ever had.

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