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 Whats up with my throat.?
I woke up this morning, when i swallow saliva, it feels like theres a bump or something thats letting it slip through very slowly, and i can feel it..it is somewhat painful, more so just an ache, due ...

 Does second-hand smoke cause tiredness and headaches?
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 My husband is having surgery this morning and her may have a cold please help!!!!?
Last night my husband started complaining of a sore throat and now he is coughing. He is scheduled to have his gallbladder out in three hours. Will he be able to be put under if he has the ...

 What does the hairs in my nostrils do?

 Sleep Apnea?
What is sleep apnea? I am fourteen and am overweight. I sleep for 8 hours eveyday, but I'm always tired. I have frequent headaches and seem to be fatigued no matter how much I sleep. My family ...

 Using marijuana with Asthma?
If some one has asthma is there anything to be concerned about when trying marijuana for the first time or would it be harmless I am not encouraging drug usage just curious wondering the effects I ...

 What would cause me to get upper respitory problems so much?
I am a healthy female in my mid twenties. I have never had any health problems or anything. However, in the last 8 months (since May), i have had Pneumonia 2 times and Broncitis 2 times. I now have a ...

 What should I do to prevent catching her cold?
My friend is sick, and I have a very important thing to go to in a week, and I cant get sick! I have shown symptoms, like coughing up flem and an itchy throat. I just got over being sick 2 weeks ...

 I've been breathless for over 6 months. I can't walk fast or talk fast coz I get out of breath.?
I feel like my chest is congested and a pain in my lungs when I inhale. I am an ex smoker but I've stopped about 6 months ago.
I am going to a respiratory diseases specialist tomorrow and I ...

 Has anyone ever heard of Double Snoring?
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 I have been on Advair 250/50 (asthma madeication) for a year now and i fell like everytme i take it I get?
really bad anxiety so I will quit taking it for a while and I have no problem, so I'm assuming it's the medication but is that normal for advair and all asthma medications or should I get ...

 So i have bronchitis, but is this normal??
I've been coughing for 2 days now, but its not just a cough anymore. Everytime I cough I get pains in my sides under my ribs, in my back and my head starts to pound.

I'm achy, ...

 What is the term for a person who appears to be dangerous but isn't?

 Why does she stop breathing?
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 Have I ruined my lungs by smoking hookah once?
I'm 18, in college, and i went out to a hookah bar, believing that hookahs weren't as bad as other tobacco products. So anyways, I smoked some, and came back later that night. I realized ...

 I sleep with a girl who has sleep apnea....?
How do I block out or stop her excessive snoring?...

 Coughing attacks...worst at night time.?
Please help me someone. I've had this awful cough for over a month now. It went away after antibiotics and steroids, but now it's back. it's worse right now, at night...I cant even ...

 How long does phenomia take to get rid of? And is it contagious?

 I nearly died from mold exposure in my workplace. No one will help. What can I do?
My employer cancelled a maintenance program and the a/c soon malfunctioned and flooded my office. I started having breathing problems almost immediately as the room became more and more mildewy ...

How do I stop wheezing?
When I lay down to go to sleep at night, the small persistant wheezing will not go away. This keeps me awake.

I was a smoker for 18 years, and before I quit, I had a persistent wheeze when I laid down. I also noticed that my colds began to linger a lot longer than they used to. About 6 weeks after I quit smoking, the night wheeze went away. Best -- and hardest! -- thing I ever did.

Are you a smoker or ex smoker? Have you been sick lately with a chest cold? Nasal drip from allergies?

When my allergies kick up, I get a nasal drip and usually end up with inflammation in my chest.

You may also be coming down with or have something already.

I know once I had asthmatic bronchitis and I really didn't feel all that bad. I thought I just had the allergy / chest congestion.

See your Dr.

Wheezing can also indicate Congestive Heart Failure---go to the Doctor.

Maybe a humidifier might help, or maybe it might worsen conditions but either way, I imagine that it might be something in the air.

have you ever been diagnosed with asthma, wheezing is a symptom of asthma, and also are you allergic to dust mites, because they will cause an asthma attack. An inhaler will ease the wheezing but if you have asthma it will not go away permanantly.

sounds like you are having some kind of fluid in your lungs. go and see your doctor as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse.

good luck

check up with doc, might be health reason, maybe weight factor or fitness

You could have asthma or emphyzema and i recommend you get your doctor to give you a check up

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