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 Health on Respiratory problem -What is the best Doctor for Anti-Smoking?
I have a child who is change smoker. I want him to be diagnosed by a competent physician with a good advice on anti-smoking and got an anti-smoking drug if possible....

 Do you think a fever of 102.3 is high especially when you are on a?
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 My daughter is six and she regularly has colds and then after ends up with a lingering cough at night.....?
I have always believed that this is what it is but I have had doctors tell me that it is Asthma!!! has anyone else had children that go through the same problem? Where should I take her....

 TB? Why is the CDC playing this as nothing? And what is the treatment for this you man? Is it DEATH?
I find it very strange that his father-inlaw works at the Centers for Disease Control and deals with this strain of TB? And why did it take 4 days for this to come out? I love this quote.."As a ...

 Horrible cough..please help?
I know no one on yahoo answers is a doctor, but maybe someone has had the same symptoms as me.

EVERY single time I cough, it is like a bronchial cough. I make a really loud low noise which ...

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 Can i lose weight with severe sleep apnea?
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Please read the question before you answer. In ...

 Do babies exercise there lungs?

 Does any one besides me have Chronic Hiccups?!?
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What is a spacer?
I'm on

 How can we are identified that is emphysema?

My Mother in-law has emphysema from smoking... she still continues to smoke, (her family members have tried everything to get her to stop smokeing tho) I am not sure what emphysema is tho... can ...

 Red phlegm?
I've had a mild cold since friday and am now couching up phlegm that has red streaks in it

What does this mean?
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Btw, I don't have any shortness of ...

 What's the best way to quit smoking?

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All good suggestions, thanks!...

I am worried. My roommate introduced me to someone just a while ago, and he wanted to shake my hand. I am not a big fan of getting sick, so I do not normally shake peoples hands. I know it is weird, ...

 Where in the respiratory system does gas exchange occure?
a) in the pharynx

b) in the trachea

c) int he heart

d) in the alveoli

can someone help??!...

 Has anyone else suffered a pnumothorax?
Just wandered if anyone out there has suffered with a spontaneous pnumothorax (collapsed lung) don't know if i spelt it properly. I had my first one last week and am interested to here from any ...

 Do you believe some herbs can cure disease?
I do! Last year I had a severe sinus infection, someone told me about a essential oil know as "oil of oregano" the oregano oil I got was said to be 100% pure. I deluted it with organic ...

 If my Bronchitis is viral, why did my doctor prescribe an antibiotic?

How do Clorox fumes affect lungs and eyes if using heavy concentrations to scrub mold off inside walls?
My throat and lungs feel like they are burning. Is it damaging my lungs and throat?

Are you mixing it with ammonia? If you are, you are creating a potentially lethal gas. It is not necessary to use this mixture. Go to Home Depot and get a better cleaner. X-14 works well.

Dirty D
They're irritating them. That is a normal side effect from overexposure to chlorine which clorox is made out of. Chlorine mixed too strong can be very damaging to the eyes nose and throat and mixed at 1,000 parts per million can actually destroy the lining of the lungs and you drown in your own body fluids. Chlorine was used as a weapon during World War 1.

you should read the label. it states to only use in a well ventilated area. Clorox active ingredient is chlorine (sodium hypochlorite), which in heavy concentrations is very damaging to the very
sensitive cells in the eyes, throat, and lungs. the label also has a suggestion on how to make a mold removing mixture.
x-14 main ingredient is chlorine as well as a surfactant(soap).
you need to make sure you follow the label directions before you do yourself any more harm.

it burns...I've done this go outside or take a nap

Clorox is a toxic chemical so your best bet is to use something else to get the mold off like tea tree oil. Yes you are buring your lungs and throat and may want to consider seeing the doc if it keeps on. Put the clorox away or better yet throw it away and get something non caustic for cleaning.

It could. One thing people need to know, is, NEVER mix Clorox and Comet, that not hurt your lungs, it will kill you!

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