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How could I have lost my voice if I don't have a sore throat?
I have lost my voice, it's been about 2 days now. I don't have a sore throat, but I do have a constant dry cough and frequent chills. Any idea?

if you have a constant dry cough your throat is probably suffering wether you can feel it or not. Just keep drinking lots of water, and take care of yourself so you get better quick :)

you don't have to have sore throat to lose your voice. maybe uve been stressing it for some time already (u know, shouting orders, arguing with people...using your loud voice).

drink lots of warm, not cold, water, or any clear broth. anyway, if its minor, your voice will be "back" in, at most, five days.

Amanda G
Screaming, fate, maybe you sang the wrong way.

Did you know that aliens have surgical techniques which cause no pain, are bloodless, and leave little if any scarring? Oh, and I'm not talking about Mexicans

Other than that, I'd say you are sick and should see a doctor. Seriously, you can have strep without pain and the next thing you know it is rheumatic heart time.

I am beginning week 6, of a upper respiratory infection that caused me to lose my voice. It started as a dry, hacking cough and I just keep coughing and coughing. I never had a sore throat or runny nose. I did have a headache, body aches, chills and a slightly elevated fever, fatigue and I lost 9 pounds. My voice just now is coming back, but the bodily fatigue is still with me. My doctor sent me for a chest X-ray and blood tests. It was determined that I had a viral infection and just had to wait it out. He also told me it was not unusual for people to have this nasty little bug for 6 to 8 weeks. So I hope that you don't have what I had. It was and still is awful. My house is a mess, the laundry is piled to the ceiling and I left the house for the first time in 3 weeks because its been freezing where I live.

Your voice is due to vibration of vocal cord.Any condition change of this cord could result change your voice.It is not need to have infection and sorthroat.Tumor,edema or tear the vocal cord or the nerve which control the cord damage will result lose of voice..Your case could due to virus infection to your larynal call laryngitis.

I usually lose my voice when I'm tried or stressed out, it usually comes back 3-4 days later. However, if you have chills and constant dry cough I would see a doctor.

Good Luck

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