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 How can i stop smoking marijuana?
I've been smoking for years, and years now. I am trying to stop but, it seems like the more i say that, the more i smoke. I work all day, and handle my business properly, ( and no i do not smoke ...

 I am quitting smoking to day is my first day, for me....?
it is one of the hardest. I want to quit any ideas on what I should do right now?
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 My mother and brother both died young with some kind of respitory disease.?
My mother died at age 47 from some kind of respitroy disease, as did my brother last year at age 57. He was a heavy smoker. I never met my biological mother, (a long story)don't know if she ...

 Once you quit smoking do your lungs eventually heal from the damage that smoking did to them?

 Does anyone smoke the pipe?
and living in the 209 area??????...

 What exactly is obstructive airway disease?
my 16 year old daughter was recently in a very bad car accident, when they did cat scans they found this problem....

 I've had a cough for 7 weeks..do you know what's wrong?
I haven't felt sick at all. But I've had a cough going on seven weeks today. It usually starts up a couple hours after I wake up and I'm pretty mucus-ey after eating...I thought it ...

 How can i stop smoking as much?

 Any suggestions for coping with asthma in 5 year old?
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 Can one be asmatic after 54 years old?
I visited my doctor and complain of cough which has lasted for two weeks. After several checks he said he suspect ...

 Is there any thing i can do to loosen the phlem in my chest.... i keep coughing but nothin comes out...?

 Should I See A Doctor About My Cough??
I got a cold (or something like that) about a week ago. I still have a stuffy/runny nose and am kinda tired, but am trying to get back to my life cuz I can't miss anymore school/work.

 My friend said i wasnt smoking right, that i wasnt inhaling? what does he mean?
he said i wasnt inhaling...what does that mean?
explain the difference between inhaling and just holding the smoke in your mouth. thanks to all =)
Additional Details
you didnt ...

 Why are indian ads so fair skin oriented /////?

 Okay question about asthma?
okay well i have pe and im supposed to run four laps everyday for warm ups. well i can walk for days on end but i can not run for laps without being ready to go shot myself. after about the first lap ...

 My husband has a horrible cough?!?
My husband has a horrible persistent cough. Its the dry hacking non productive cough. He's going to the doctor first thing in the morning but he's dead dog tired. He's taken nyquil and ...

 My dads really ill!?
someone help me! my dads in the emergency hospital in perth and his blood pressure is 200! this is no lauhing matter and im scared something terrible might happen to him. he needs to keep the oxygen ...

 What is TB? and is it terminal?
My Grandfather is in his early seventies has been taken into hospital recently and they are doing many tests on him, they first thought he had tumours, then they didnt know, now they are saying he ...

 37 weeks pregnant, will it harm my baby if I took a cough drop for sore throat and painful cough?

 Asking again... Chest pains, cough, low temp what is it?
So i have had this cough for about a week, the chest pains get getting worse and worse. If you read my last post my temp was 96.6 and last night it was 101. Im already taking 1200 mg of anti-biotics ...

Hole in throat from smoking?
when smokers have a hole in their throat that they breathe out of, what is that hole called?

well, the hole itself is a stoma. the tube they put in is called a tracheostomy tube. the reason why they put this on people with lung problem is because they need ventilatory assistance more often, if not permanent. it's easier to maintain and is actually more comfortable versus if you were to put an endotracheal tube through the mouth, down to the trachea.

that would be a stoma where a trach used to be.


Trachostomy. But this is not always in smokers throat. This may be required in a patient suffers from carcinoma of that region.

☼ becki ☼
I believe that's a stoma.

Silly chick
Tracheotomy is the name of the hole and the name of the procedure.



Lorraine W
it depends it could be a trac, or a stoma

The hole in your neck is called a stoma.

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