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Having a camera up your nose and down your throat?
My sister is so worried about having this done its making her ill, Shes having this done because her voice has gone all husky and gets worse during the day, the Doctor has told her it very uncomfortable and my make her gag or gip, has anyone had this done,

Sassy OLD Broad
Yes, stop being a big sissy, Sister and grow up! So, you can't stand a little discomfort to maybe save your life? Get real. Godloveya both.

No but i've had a colonoscopy, i'll leave it to your imagination as to where the camera goes for that one!

Rachael H
ive had a gastroscopy, where a tube with camera went down throat to stomach, i had the option of a general or local spray in throat, i chose the latter, wished i hadnt, the spray is sickly, meant to be banana flavour, and i couldnt stop retching, if she gets the option of a general, its the better one

i've had it done 3 times and different methods each time but its nothing to worry you at all believe me i am not kidding but i understand you being nervous but you'll be OK Good luck lovey

yeah i had to have it done to diagnose me as having coeliac disease and i was scared but you're kind of out for most of it(not out cold but you dont really realise whats going on,it doesnt hurt at all) my friend outside the surgery said she could hear me coughing alot as they where putting the tube down my throat but with the drugs they had given me,i cant remember anything really...trust me its not as bad as your sister thinks...x

Kaiialyne S
I don't know about cameras, but I have had tubes down my nose and throat. What they do is have you swallow when they put the tube down. It hurts for about a split second, but then you can barely feel it. I've never felt like I was going to be sick or anything like that.

I have had this done twice. I was given a drug called Versed, which is supposed to put you in a state of mind of not knowing what is going on. I was completely unaware of the first one but on the 2nd one, I was able to watch on the monitor what the doctor was doing so I was given more Versed because I could feel everytime he moved the camera around. I'm not for sure what type of medicine your sister may be given but Versed is pretty common for this type of procedure. If she has never had it then, she will not be aware of what is going on. The doctor should be good enough that it will not be very uncomfortable, just the thought of having tubes going down in your nostrils is what makes it so nerve racking. I wish your sister the best, just be there for her.

i had this done 18 months ago its very quick theres no pain just relax breath and swallow normally,its over with in less than a minutemy husky voice is better avoid dusty and smokie areas

Derek D
Not had that done but I have had a camera (think it was a half plate camera) up the back end.
Dr. Dine O Rod. came to put me at ease shortly before I was wheeled in. He told me "not to worry 'cause if he tore me inside, it would be his job to fix it" Which of course made be feel good.
He told me to lay on my side and watch the screen. he got this bloody great black rod about 1/2" round and pushed it up me bum as if he was clearing a blocked drain. Never have I felt so much discomfort, and all he could say is "relax, relax".

Well I did survive, even though he had to give me more sedative, twice. I recon he had to pay for it out of his own pocket.
The worst I had was to strip off to a hospital gown, and lay on this board, I was to be photographed in every different angle under the sun. I'm laying their and two gorgeous birds came in one about 18 the other, early twenties. I just about died, I think it was payback time for all my younger years of fun, all they could do was laugh and say "we've seen it all before" Hope they didn't take any head shots 'cause I would have looked like a beetroot.

I'm sure your sister will be fine, good luck!!!!!!

yes my dad had it done and he is a very nervous man , but he said the worry was worst then it actually was on the day. not too bad at all just relax and going to the dentist was worse according to him tell her not to listen to people telling horror stories she will be fine

I actually had this done a month or so ago. I was sent to an ENT ( ear, nose and throat specialist) for some breathing problems. (After my pulmonary function test showed some upper airway ( mild ) obstruction.) I had no idea what to expect at his office. Before I had time to be scared or really overthink it, as is my norm lol, He numbed my nose with a spray, like novacaine, and gave me 2 cups of water to drink. This is because most people get nervous or uncomfortable when the spray drips into their throat, through the nose, and makes it very numb. The water washes away the excess and basically only your nose is numb. It was a breeze! I couldn't believe how easy it was. Please tell your sister not to worry. Sometimes it's worse to know about a test in advance, but not know the details of it. If I had been told they were going to do this, and had no details, I would have worried too. So, it really was fine, and I couldn't even feel it. Good luck!

I just realized that maybe she's having the camera that goes down into your stomach. After I read the other answers, I thought" oh no!!! " I don't want to mislead anyone. The camera I had only went like as far as my voice box, or maybe just a tiny bit further. The other kind, where they look further down your throat, is to diagnose problems such as severe reflux, etc. I can't speak for that test, but the other one was easy. Best of luck

Yes i have had and it can be uncomfortable,but everyone is different. I suppose the only way of looking at it is they will find out what the problem is with your Sis. Its only uncomfortable for a moment . Tell her not to worry. Hope all goes well...

darlin dont worry, i go every 4 months to have this procedure my voice was husky( was nodules on my voice box) so that was fixed also they just ask to freeze your nostrils with a spray so you feel nothing i was glad i had it done as i also had a lump behind my soft palate which was removed the same time as the nodules. easy peasy no problems if you smoke try and stop!!!!

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