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Have you ever had a cough so bad that your stomach muscles were sore from coughing?
I do :-(
I wanna get better SOON
feel better than yesterday though
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I quit smoking 3 days ago, and will NEVER do a puff again as loooooong as I LIVE!!!!!
well, I had 2 root canals within a month, caught a cold both times
am taking anti-biotics from the root canal [clindamycin] but wonder if I need amoxycylin. so will go to the doctor tomorrow asap

kong m
stop smoking.

Yes! Ahh feel better soon, take some vitamin C.

uhm yes actually i was out of school for a week, but i got better with time

yes and the head. hold your but cheeks tight too.

yes. Must b a bad one ... see your doctor. These coughs can get outta hand. If they get into your lunges they can turn into pneumonia, and cause all sorts of problems.

Polina S
yes. and i've also laughed so hard that my abs were sore for the rest of the day. hahaha. i love laughing.


You can talk to your dr. about a prescription cough medicine FOR NIGHT ONLY such as terpix hydrate which is basically codeine, alcohol and some other kind of medicine. It will bascially immobilze your diaphragm for a few hours at night so you can get some sleep but dear Lord, don't drive on that stuff!! I got it once when I got pneumonia in college and the pharmacy forgot to put the "don't drive" label on it. I took it, went to work and literally walked into a wall there by mistake. My boss ran out, told me I looked out of it and asked me what kind of medicine I was on. I showed him the bottle and he laughed, threw me in his car and drove me home to sleep it off.

James S
Before I was diagnosed with asthma definitively, I had a cough that made my chest and stomach hurt because it was so frequent and violent. It faded later on because my muscles were getting tired and I was heading towards respiratory failure (bad!). My doctor put me on Advair 100/50 to help me get through that period of time and then on Asthmanex, an inhaled steroid, until I switched doctors. It helped. I have asthma. However, I don't know specifically what happens when people try to quit smoking. So, I would say that your body might be upset that a drug (nicotine) it has become used to is no longer being ingested.

I recommend that you see your doctor. Your doctor will be able to sort this out. If you need some breathing medication to help you through the short term, your doctor will probably have physician samples to give you.

been there, done that. It is terrible!!!

yes...my sister coughs so hard she throws her back out...you need some meds from the Dr...
if you cough that hard it's more than just a cold.

Amanda S
yes i have and it was from pnamonia but when i have an asthma attack i feel the same what.

Yes ,but get some cough drops

yes ive had that happen after laughing as well.sorry

Yes, I have. It is a miserable feeling. Glad to hear you are feeling better today. Take some cough suppressant too.

YES! I hate having those and I hope you feel better soon!

yes...one time when i had bronchitis, i actually got a hernia from coughing so hard and frequently

I had a cough so bad one time that not only did my stomach muscles hurt but I actually broke a rib. I sympathize with you--get better soon.

sofine <3
yes thats happened to me drink alot of water!!!! and try not to talk so loud!!

Lena Harlequin
Yeah I have. :( Its normal when you have a coughing cold. :)

Bronchitis will do that, I have been there. If you have not seen your doctor please do ASAP.

texas rose
Yes, and dreaded coughing because of that and my head hurting too. Once was because of Walking Pneumonia, and once from Bronchitis. I hope you get better soon!

I sure have. Again and again. Are you taking anything for it. Try some over the counter cough medicine.

Hope you feel better soon. (Bet it's worse at night, I know mine was)


master x
no but i have coughed so hard that my head hurts


I think that was the worst cold I ever had in my life.

I did laugh so hard once that it hurt so bad the next day.

The cough might be a medical condition, so consult your doctor. In any case, eat right and exercise. Also, try to get some clean air. It might be an irritation of the respiratory system due to pollutants in the air.

yes the soreness will wear off in a couple of days

Absolutely! My heart goes out to you!

Get better!

Yes. I hope you feel better soon - if you haven't seen your doctor, you should.

well kiddo, the lungs are not anything to fool with; if you are coughing that bad you should probably see a physician. You might need an antibiotic, because you might have pneumonia or the like. On the holistic side, Zinc and Vitamin C are a good start; check in with a health food or vitamin store maybe for the future and to help you kick this, but only after you see your m.d.

Please, take good care of yourself, you are the only one we've got.

When I get bronchitis. See if your doctor will prescribe you a cough medicine with codine in it. (will make you sleepy though) A home remedy to try is honey, lemon juice, and hot water.

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