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 I was diagnosed with asthma today, and I used my inhaler for the first time an hour ago, and it didn't help?
I went to the doctor and he said I have asthma and I used my inhaler for the first time an hour ago. The pharmacist showed me how so I know I used it right. But it hasn't helped at all!...

 I can only breathe properly through one nostril at a time?
No and again I've noticed I get this problem. I've had it since i've ever known, I seem to be bunged up and can't seem to breathe as well through the one nostril. What do you ...

 Which of the following accurately descirbes the air we breathe?

a. inhaled air contains more oxygen than exhaled air
b. inhaled air passes directly from the trachea to the alveoli
c. exhaled contains more oxygen than inhaled air

 My aunt has just been diagnosed with gillians beret syndrome. does anyone know anything about this condition?

 Sinus infection?
I am getting a sinus infection. AGAIN Does anyone know an herbal remedy? Are there any herbs with antibacterial properties? I hate taking prescription antibiotics because they give me other ...

 Is this sound Bronchitis to you?
My hubby has following symptoms : Coughing a lot, high fever up tp 39 degreess, on off..meaning he'll be just fine and normal condition during day time for about 6days, and start feverish ...

 Asthma inhalers?
I use a ventolin (salbutimol) inhaler. I always forget to put in my repeat prescription and find myself struggling with the dregs. Does the stuff that comes out towards the end of it's useful ...

 If you smoke, how many ciggarretes do you smoke a day?

 How do they put lead in paint?

 My son has asthma. The dr moved him to using albuterol every 4 hrs. Isnt this bad for him to take this much?
He's only 9 years old....

 Weed Trouble?
Hi im 15 and have smoked week for a year i smoked a joint but i had big paranoir and anxity attack i think
it lasted for a while

Then i smoked some cheese weed and i was fine


 I think i have the symtomps of astma? have i got it? does any know? my symptoms are.......?
my symptoms are that sometimes i have a tight chest and i cant breath enough air in and sometimes after exercise i get a slight pain in my chest aswell..do i have asthma? any advice?...

 What type of Lung Disease causes an other person to wear a mask during your visit?
Okay i know my question is confusing, but my uncle got a lung disease and he's in the hosplital the doctor told us that we need to wear a mask when we visit him....i don't understand? can ...

 What sickness could this be from my symptoms? (wheezing, coughing, diarrhea)?
I have been experiencing wheezing and coughing and diarrhea for a little less than a week. I am on antibiotics, prednisone, and albuterol. What do you think this is? I am not sure that it is plain ...

 Breathing hurts - im female, 25?
Its hurting me to breathe. When i breathe in, I get a pain but its hard to describe where it is! Its kind of where my lungs are, but more towards my back. It feels a little bit like pulled muscles ...

I have had a cold and cough for almost 2 weeks now. I also weeze at times. Does this sound like bronchitis or just the common cold?...

 What is a Nebulizer and what is it used for?

 Ginger is useful to our body. How? Specially cold & cough problem.?
I am suffering dry cough & cold problem. MY friend suggest ginger for cough & cold....

 Wath do you think about Freddie Mercury?
Do You think that he is gay?...

 How can i stop coughing?
i keep on coughing because there are small particles in the top of my trachea dont worry they are from something i ate ages ago, i think there embedded in the mucus lining of the trachea.... ive seen ...

Has anyone died from a panic attack?

As far as I know never. I used to have them all the time. I thought I was dying, A panic attack can mimic symptoms of a heart attack. Shortness of breath, weakness on one side, numbness, etc. From what I have read, nobody has ever died from a panic attack

well i died yesterday from a panic attack....but im ok now....

yes...they can

no u can't. i've actually asked my doctor that b4.you may feel like you are tho.

yes can happen stay calm and make sure people are aware that you get panic attacks and if they see suspitious actions you can get medical treatment (if this applies to you)

I don't think people can die from a panic attack. You may feel like you're having a heart attack. The attack my cause someone to think unclear which could cause some misjudgment and the misjudgment could cause some harm. Feeling like the world is falling apart around you and having memory problem is not fun.

Since most therapist's "key phrases" to remember is "nobody ever died from a panic attack, I would have to think no...but you can stress yourself out to the point of blanking out.

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