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 Does anyone have trouble breathing when it is humid out?
I have shortness of breath during humid times. I also experience burning sensation in my chest when exercising sometimes. What is this?
Additional Details
I don't smoke and never ...

 Does cigarette smoke contain lead?

 How do you cough up mucus if the mucus is in the lungs??
There is not pathway directly from the lungs to the throat...Right???? It just seems weird, the only thing that goes everywhere in the body is blood vessels, but that cant carry mucus. I'm ...

 I need to stop smoking....help?
ok i am 14 and a freshman.......i've been smoking since i was 7yrs old .......no joke......i need to stop smoking.........please give me some ideas........this is not a lie or anything.....i'...

 How does public smoking affect people?
people that get affected by public ...

 This question is regarding a friend of mine! NOT ME?
He takes notebook paper, tears a rectangular shape out, and rolls it up, lights up one end, and deeply INHALES the smoke and smokes anywhere from four to six a day. Sometimes more. I was wondering ...

 What do i have if i am coughing my throat hurts and my chest hurt?

 Whats a breathing break in music called?

 How do i get rid of an asthma attack cant find my inhaler and coffee isnt helping....HELP?

 Whats the very best thing to take when you get a tickle in your throat and just go non stop wiht coughing?
i sometimes get a tickle in my throat and start non-stop coughing. ive tried everything from cough drops to cough meds and nothing stops it. can anyone help? is their a dr or nurse out there who ...

 WHAT CAUSES BLOODCLOTS when flying on a airplane?

 Breathing trouble?
I don't think that she has a disease or anything, but my sister has been having trouble breathing lately. One minute she is fine, the next she says her heart is beating too hard/fast and she can&...

 My daughter has Pneumonia?
My 6 year old daughter has pneumonia and has not eaten for 3 days . She will not drink anything at all. The doctor will not admitt her because she is not dehidraded. But I think that if she is not ...

 Low oxygen in the blood, is it.....?
an ongoing issue that can be diagnosed and treated or is it something that is only a symptom during a distinct illness or body trauma? I am not referring to yawning, I am wondering if this is a ...

 My 3 year old daughter suddenly can't breathe well thru her nose and has had a runny?
nose and cold symptoms for about a month. She just started pre-school and the teacher blames it on the exposure to other kids but my pediatrician says she may have enlarged adenoids and prescribed F...

 Asthma problems (symptoms)?
is it possible that it can cause you to cough a lot and like you feel your throt tight AND dry??????? ty in advance.PS can it make it hard for you to breath spesly when you excercise?????????....

 I was recently diagnosed with exercise induced asthma but my inhaler isn't helping me breath better?
what else could it be?...

 Health help!!! Please answer?
I've been around second hand smoke my whole life because my parents smoke in the house and in the car and I inhale slot of smoke. I'm really scared of getting lung problems from this and ...

 Hey i am a fifteen year old boy who has left side chest pains PLEASE help me?
i had appendacitus about two months ago and i had surgery that went fine i was feelin fine till about 7:00 on monday june 9th i woke up with a constant chest pain and it has gotten slightly better ...

 How to stop stomach acid from getting into the lungs?

Effects of human consumption of drywall?

Severe constipation?

People eat drywall? I would guess blockage.

I would think one of the effects would be to get very thirsty

Drywall is just crushed gypsum rock surrounded by paper. It shouldn't be bad. How much can one even eat?

Are you eating it?!!?

If you breathe in drywall dust for a day, you won't have any side effects. But if you work with drywall and have a respiratory problem, you need to wear a mask.

PA student
Depends on what's in it, exactly. If the person has pain or other symptoms thay should be evaluated by a doctor. Otherwise, I'd think the major complication would be constipation and/or blockage. Intestinal blockage is a medical emergency so the person should be monitered closely.

A person who regularly eats non-food items may have a bio-psychological disorder called pica. This includes sand, ice chips, paint and drywall. The person should certainly be evaluated by a therapist as well as by a physician, because they may be malnourished or lacking certain vitamins from not eating normal food.

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