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During my sleep, I woke up and couldn't catch my breath, what could cause that?
It has happened a couple of times now over a couple of months.

Miss Jensen Ackles
its called sleep apnea n u need to go to a sleep clinic n get it treated cause if u caint catch ur reath it could kill u

Since I was prego with my second son....11 years ago...i used to wake up in the night and felt like i was choking. I would eventually catch my breath. I was checked for sleep apnea but nothing was discovered. I think...now this is my personal theory.....that my throat closes or drys up, which causes me to choke. I also think it may be anxiety. It still happens once ina while....i am still alive.....see your doctor but dont worry too much.

Couldn't catch your breath?

Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing during sleep. But I THINK (read up to verify) you then start again right away.

If you mean you woke up panting, gasping, and kept panting and gasping for some time after waking, that sounds like asthma.

Do get yourself to a doctor, and explain exactly what you've been experiencing.

There are meds that you do every day to keep it from happening most of the time, and an emergency thing you can do if/when it does happen despite the other meds.

If you do nothing, it will happen more and more often, and be worse and worse over time.

With meds, you can manage it.

Not being able to breathe, as you no doubt realize, is no fun at all.

Until you can see a doc, do a web search of apnea, and one of asthma and read up on them.

Edited for afterthought: When you run, or otherwise exercise until you're out of breath, does it take forever to catch it? Longer than most people? Did that used to happen to you when you were a kid?


chad m

You should see a doctor about that ASAP.
While waiting for your appt, research 'obstructive sleep apnea' and 'asthma'

Either condition could cause that symptom

Happy New Dad
Asthma...you need to go get that checked, seriously.

It could possible be a symptom of sleep apnea. See your doctor about this who may consider sending you for a sleep apnea study.

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