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Dr.says I am not getting enough oxygen to my lungs & there is nothing I can do about that. So what now ??
No solution was offered & how did I get in this condition ??
I can do very little without getting so tired & breathless.
I am 77 and have never smoked. Seems a breathing exercise should help but when I ask, the Dr. he said it wouldn't. Please relate a solution or experience with me.
I don't want to haul an oxygen tank around if I can get around it, Bless you for answering.

Carol W
Gosh, I'm surprised he didn't at least suggest you try some deep breathing exercises. He should have given you one of those little gadgets that you blow into and try to make the balls inside rise to the top. Also, another exercise you can do is to take 3 really deep breaths then hold the third for a little while, then rest for about a minute and do it again. Do this 3 times in a row, and do it around 3 or 4 times a day. It will increase your blood oxygen and your lung capacity.

Please make an appointment with a pulmonary specialist. (lung doctor) so he can do a complete check up on your lungs and go from there.

The problem exists in your heart(not pumping well enough) or your lungs(many possible reasons.) One simple thing you can do is to increase your cardiopulmonary performance by exercising. No you don't have to go to a gym and run on a treadmill. Try walking first. Each day walk a little more distance at a little faster pace. You should be able to improve your shortness of breath and sense of overall well being within a week. But you have to keep it up!

pulmonary rehab is a great start & very effective -do it. follow up with your pulmonologist when you're done. take your list of questions & concerns and have them answered by the specialist at the next appointment.

beanhead (((((((LUV U Debra)))))
I have no advice for you but I will pray for your health to be restored and that there will be something your Dr. can do for you.
Love you,

norton g
Now, it is more a question of what you need rather than what you want. Newer, smaller portable oxygen cylinders which you can refill are available and not too obvious. Visit a medical supply store or ask your pharmacist about the variety of devices which are available. There is no better alternative at this time.

Tiffany q
It sounds more like heart to me. You should get an EKG.

Im not a doctor but can I suggest this sit relaxed with your hands on you're knees close you're eyes and inhale slowly but as deep a breath as you can you should feel you're chest expand as you do this as you're lungs fill with air then slowly exhale through you're mouth,then again slowly inhale through you're nose till you feel you're chest expand then out slowly through the mouth try this five times then increase the breaths everyday I use this way of breathing for meditating,you're lungs should expand as its deep beaths you're taking I hope this is of help to you Jill and hope you keep well I will ask the angels to help you and I send you love and light take care xx

i can't advise you babe,but i think that walking in clean air would help you a lot!i pray that you find a solution to your health problem!hugs!

Betty M
Hi Jill,did your medical Dr. tell you that?If so maybe you need to see a pulmonary specialist.Sorry i don't know what could cause that.I'm like you i would want some answers.GOD be with you through this trial & i'll remember you in my prayers.

I would love to answer this but i need more information. Is it your oxygen saturation that is low? But on the little info i have it sounds like your heart is not working to well. Do you get chest pain or discomort (crushing, tightness), do you get nausea with the shortness of breath? How many pillows do you sleep on at night? Do you wake up and got to the toilet alot at night? Do you wake upi short of breath and if you do does it feel like your drowning? Is there heart problems in your family? I could go on and on with out more info on your signs and sypmtoms my only guess is your heart is working harder which is causing you to be tired and breathless

Jill, there is a fellow in our town, who is the town 'character'.
He has been featured in newspapers all over the state, and is somewhat of a 'tourist attraction'.
He is quite elderly, and you will always find him WALKING and waving at all who pass.. When we moved here, 6 years ago, I thought he must be a little daft. Anywhere I went around our small Hwy101 town, he would be walking and waving.( I couldn't help but wave back, and he would just beam!)
Finally, his story came out in our local paper, and it turns out he is a miracle.
He was given just months to live, as he just couldn't get his blood oxygenated. His cardio/pulmonary disease was chronic and terminal.
Well, he began walking. He couldn't walk much past his driveway. However, each week, he set his goal to walk as far as he could, and carried a little umbrella stool..He walked until he was too tired, and sat on his stool for a few minutes, and walked back home. Soon he was walking a block..and then two blocks. Within a few weeks, he was walking a mile per day. That increased steadily, and he began walking three times per day, for more time each week. Well, now he walks 6 miles daily. .In May, I was driving down to the next city for shopping. Well, there he was! He was about 10 miles out of town, and still waving!
When asked why he waves..He said it began as a cardio exercise while walking, to swing his arms. Some people though he was waving, and waved back..So, he thought..'Why not?' and began waving at every passing car. He said he just loves to collect those smiles!

He isn't some wacko, after-all. He teaches computer and internet sciences at our local college.

There isn't really anything other than oxygen that will help. If carting a tank around is what is upsetting you, talk to your doctor about a Helios tank. It is small, light weight and is refilled right at home. It is filled with frozen liquid oxygen that is more pure than canister oxygen tanks.
I have been on and off of oxygen for the past four years and I found the Helios system so much easier. The big tanks empty too quickly and are too heavy to lift and deal with all the time. The Helios tank lasts much longer.
I know that being short of breath isn't easy and being on oxygen sounds like the pits, but raising up your pulse ox will give you more energy and you will not be gasping from every slight activity.
Also, deep breathing exercises aren't going to improve your pulmonary functions. You can deep breath all you want but if the lungs aren't oxygenating the blood properly it isn't going to make a difference.
If you ever need someone to talk to please feel free to email me.

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