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Hey, I'm 14 and well on the 11th NOvember, I have to have a BCG, to prevent TB. Any-one just had it done and whats it like? What really happens and does it hurt and will it definitely scar and ...

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or give them a heart attack!!!

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i am meant to be going to a barbecue later for my friends birthday and ill be drinking so i cant take medicine really. ive had a bad cold and its gone to my chest and i feel like i have all mucas in ...

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 I can't sleep because I am coughing. How can I make it so I can sleep??
Its not mucus... just coughing. Its not a dry cough either..... advice please.
Additional Details
I mean i cant sleep right now and its 3 45 in the morning......

 How do you tell if you have bronchitis or a cold?
on tuesday i went to the doctors becuse i was coughing up some light green mucas and coughing. he checked my lungs and said they were weezy. so he gave me an inhaler. im still coughing but im not ...

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When I leave my hair and clothes smell like smoke. I tell her its ba for everyone in ...

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i hate it when people smoke!
is the only benefit to look cool?
please tell me...
i'm curious...
why would anyone smoke?...

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My daughter has asthma and I am worried. I have already asked the landlord to do something about it, but they said they can not do anything....

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about 6wks ago i had a really bad cold ( not flu) and since then my chest is still very crackley and i have one of those annoying coughs that waits for u to try and sleep then bingo has a coughing ...

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Have been on warfarin for PE's twice for 6 years in that time my intake has varied between 8mg and 15mg. but lately having trouble stabalizing INR has been down to 1.2 for last 2 weeks. Very ...

 How chronical congestion of nose can be relieved?

 What happen if a person smoke daily i mean regular smoker?
bulla bulla ...

Does smoking marijuana make your lungs black like smoking cigarettes?

I like the answer down there about holding it in longer giving the tar more time to soak into your lungs
That's cute

And how did they get the tar into the marijuana plant sweetheart???

Ok. Smoking weed is not good for you. No doubt. Smoking weed does not deposit tar in your lungs. Smoking weed does not give you lung cancer. It messes with your brain.

Smoking weed has the same effect of breathing in next to a campfire.

Its hard on your lungs and can cause sore throats
But it is NOTHING like tobacco

I invite everyone to argue with me on this
I've researched it plenty, wrote a 9 page paper on it, and attended a class at the hospital about it

btw...I don't smoke weed or cigarettes

While there is no tar in marijuana, it does injure your lungs. Putting smoke into your lungs is never very smart. That is why when someone is in a fire and they have smoke inhalation, they take them to the ER.

It is just smart not to mess with drugs at all. In the long run, it will not be worth it.

Cigarettes blacken lungs due to the tar content, which is not in MJ. However, MJ is not especially great for your lungs, throat, or mouth. Hopefully, no one smokes as much weed as a pack-a-day smoker smokes 'baccy.

Everybody's Favorite
Yep. Ever looked inside a chimney? Any kind of smoke will make 'em black.

Snoking pot is much worse for your lungs than smoking tobacco---smoke is held in the lungs longer, breathed in deeper, and this means more time for "tar" to be deposited in the lungs.

Jackson J
Marijuana is about 5 times as harsh as cigarette tobacco on your lungs so yes

smoke from anything will blacken your lungs

Yep, the exact same way.


Smoking anything and extended exposure to stuff like coal dust and high levels of pollution will turn your lungs black in places. The black coloration comes from a build-up of carbon.

When examined upon death, every single person has some black speckles in their lungs due to everyday living and normal encounters with pollution and smoke. However, people who smoke cigarettes or marijuana, or are constantly in bad air like in a coal mine will have far more black in their lungs.

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