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 So i have bronchitis, but is this normal??
I've been coughing for 2 days now, but its not just a cough anymore. Everytime I cough I get pains in my sides under my ribs, in my back and my head starts to pound.

I'm achy, ...

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 Why does she stop breathing?
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 Have I ruined my lungs by smoking hookah once?
I'm 18, in college, and i went out to a hookah bar, believing that hookahs weren't as bad as other tobacco products. So anyways, I smoked some, and came back later that night. I realized ...

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How do I block out or stop her excessive snoring?...

 Coughing attacks...worst at night time.?
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 How long does phenomia take to get rid of? And is it contagious?

 I nearly died from mold exposure in my workplace. No one will help. What can I do?
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 I smoked for the first time?
It wasn't tabbaco. I'm really embarassed by this but I smoked......cocoa wraped in paper.

I inhaled and sniffed in the smoke. It was incredibly stupid of me but I was really ...

 I stopped breathing, with my eyes open, unresponsive to emergency crew and my children, what is wrong?
I have multiple sclerosis, I work at the hospital the ambulance took me to. All they did was a drug test(NEGATIVE) and a CT scan. Everything was normal. But my eyes are puffy, I can't see ...

 Question for respiratory person or anesthesiologist?
I had three general anesthesias in ten days about 30 years ago. After that I noticed that my exercise endurance dropped way down... can't bike, climb hills, run, climb more than two flights of ...

 What is everyone's opinion on this TB scare?
I believe that it is not as serious as the cdc makes it out to be and that it is being exploited!...

 What is the best way to quit smoking?

 Did I have a panic attack, I don't know what i had, please help??
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 How harmful is snuff?
Snuff is a very fine ground tobacco that you can either put into your cheek or lip, or inhale through the nostril.
My question is pertaining to taking it nasally. How harmful is snuff on ...

 How do I get my mom to quit smoking (even though she hides it from me)?
Well, my mom is a smoker. I have seen her smoking, I can tell when her hair, clothes, and car reeks of smoke. She hides her smoking from my sister and I, so I don't know how to tell her that I ...

 What are words that mean pulmonary disease?

 After i run a mile i feel like puking, why?
Well after i run a mile i feel like puking but i dont and sometimes when i cough after i run i taste blood, my teacher said that the puking part was normal, but im not sure about the blood part. an ...

 Does anyone have any information about crohns disease?
i know someone with this condition and they have been told of a blockage what could this be does anyone ...

 I need to know about sleep apnea?
does sleep apnea cause strokes or heartattacks in time if not taken care of??...

Does second-hand smoke cause tiredness and headaches?
I was over at my new girlfriend's place and she and 2 or 3 other people were smoking as well. So the house smelled like smoke, they did smoke in the house. Later, I was feeling ok then suddenly I thought I smelled like smoke and found myself really tired, going to bed unusually early. I woke up this morning with headaches which also could've been sinus headaches but I'm not sure. Does second hand smoke inside the house cause headaches or unusual tiredness?


chattanooga chip
Yes and that is two of the nicer less worrisome things second hand smoke can cause. It can cause asthma, heavy congestion, sick stomach from the drainage, get as far away as you can as soon as you can. I was the child of a smoker (daddy). I also married young to a smoker. I have never smoked and I have multiple symptoms and horrid health problems. (the meds they give you to fight some symptoms can cause other stuff too)

RUN... RUN REAL FAST. If there is any affection there she can stop smoking or forget you! I love my husband and after 2 children and 36 yrs I am not going to leave him now. But I wish I had before I saw my youngest daughter start smoking. I have a burden of guilt for not doing enough to stop her. I still try but she does not listen either.

MARY ann
yes that and moore I have the beginning of emphysema and I never smoked worked where they did and had family and friends that did so mine was caused by 2nd hand smoke remember if you smoke you make a lot of people happy.Dr's,hospitals,funeral homes,cemeteries,the tobacco companies,and the florists in one way or another you make them rich when your alive,and when you die and the knowledge that all you contaminated with your smoke will need all of those services too.

Ciaran N
well i always thought it did coz my dfad used to smoke and i got really bad headaches but since he stopped i dont

Oren Z
Yes. All of that is pretty typical of prolonged moderate exposure to second hand smoke. I get the same exact thing.

Cindy Roo
Yes, yes and yes!!!! I used to smoke and quit many years ago and now when I am around it closed up it makes me very sick to my my stomach, gives me a headache for days and I usually end up with a sinus infection.

Can also cause a host of other problems too

I think so.
But then, I'm not a doctor.

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