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Does marijuana hurt your lungs?

if you compare a joint to a cigarette, its going to probably do more damage (although not much from just one), however in the long run marijuana doesn't hurt you as much since you don't smoke it as often as you would cigarettes. Thats because cigs have filters, if you smoke without filters than it's about equal.

probably, please dont do it, your parents would b mad,

East-coast Girl
pretty much.

Marijuana itself does not hurt your lungs in any way. You don't have to smoke it if you use it and if you don't then it doesn't affect your lungs in any way. One could argue that it doesn't hurt your lungs if smoked either, just the act of smoking hurts your lungs and not the substance.

Bud's Girl
Yes, but I've heard that cigarette smoking is worse. I guess that would depend, though, on what the MJ's laced with.


Marijuana itself doesn't hurt your lungs, but smoking it does . Inhaling any smoke will harm your lungs. However, if you use marijuana in other ways such as cooking or vaporizing, you can eliminate most of the risk of lung damage. Also, using a waterpipe(bong) is known to reduce harmful substances in the smoke. Cooking with marijuana requires extraction of the THC. Since THC is fat soluble, this is often done by breaking up the buds into small pieces and adding to boiling butter. Vaporization is another form of inhalation where the cannabis is heated to a point where the THC becomes a vapor, but is not hot enough to release the tar from the plant material.

All said and done, SMOKING marijuana is considered a health hazard because of the byproducts formed during combustion. From experience, I can assure you that if you continuously smoke marijuana, you will get sick more often and possibly attain chronic bronchitis. If you choose to use marijuana, it would be wise to pick an alternate method of ingesting the THC.

yes and your brain too


Possible that is if you smoke it.

Yeah...it's worse for your lungs than regular cigarettes (I've heard). It also causes memory loss and apathy.

Yes, it does (well, if you are smoking it). It especially hurts your lungs if you take a really deep hit or a harsh hit of really good stuff.

By the way, marijuana has never been liked to causing cancer or anything.

There's been very little in the way of reliable information about marijuana since the government made it illegal. The common assumption is that all smoke damages your lungs, but it is not the smoke so much as the mix of chemicals within it that affects your health. If you desire to use marijuana without worry of its affect on your lungs, i would suggest preparing it in brownies or any of a thousand other recipes and eating it.

Smoking of any kind can harm the lungs. Smoke inhallation does not do a body good.

Not only your lungs but also your total health.

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