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Does lung capacity affect pulse?


Pulse oximetry is directly affected by the amount of blood being pumped through the heart and veins. Factors such as high or low blood pressure, physical exertion, and/or arterial obstructions are what affects a persons' pulse rate.

Lung capacity does not affect pulse oximetry directly - however- deeper breathing and healthy lungs do help control blood pressure.



I'm partly guessing here but I imagine that if the lungs couldn't take in as much oxygen as usual, the heart would have to work a bit harder to pump what oxygen there is around the body. I suppose it's the same principal as with exercising - the body needs more oxygen so the heart has to beat a bit harder.

the countess
i dont think so as your pulse is maintained by your heart.

however your level of fitness affects your bloodpressure ,
so if you lung capacity was so poor that you could not excersize then that would obviously reduce your bloodpressure and then your pulse .

i have very poor lung capacity and high blood pressure (caused by stress)
i think its all interconnected but there are many things that can affect each other not just one thing in itself

It depends on how severe the lung capacity is disturbed.
In emphysema, you can have a drastically reduced total lung capacity. In asthma, you can have a high residual which makes exhalation difficult.
When you have a high residual volume, you can have what is known as a pulsus paradoxus. This is due to the normal respiratory variation in blood filling of the heart being disturbed. It would take a medical school class to describe pulsus paradoxus, so if you are super interested, you should google it.
Also, end stage lung patients with very low lung capacities often have a rapid, thready pulse and a low level of oxygenation. Clearly, the ability to oxygenate the blood and remove the carbon dioxide is affected by a decreased lung capacity.
Hope that points you in the right direction for whatever you are studying!

I'm not a doctor but I can say I have both reduced lung capacity and low blood pressure. I say yes.

Bryan D
Yup. but it depends on what you mean by lung capacity. For instance if you take a big deep breath there is less room in your chest from the inflated lungs and there is a slight pressure put on your aorta which your barorecepters in your aorta pick up (mistakenly) as high blood pressure so it will decrease your HR to lower blood pressure. Inversley if you let out a big breath, there is a void in your chest cavity it lessens pressure on the aorta, the baroreceptors think it is a drop in blood pressure therefore signals your heart to increase HR to bring up your blood pressure. This all happens very quickly you can check it out by taking your pulse while either taking in a big breath or letting one out.

If you mean lung capacity by how much oxygen you can take in (consume) effeciently that also effects pulse. If someone can utilize their oxygen they take in very effeciently then they can take less breaths per given period of time (lower HR) and still get enough oxygen in their system (somebody very athletic). Compared to a lazy person who isn't very effecient and must take more breaths in order to get the same amount of oxygen.

Blood Pressure (and HR) are dependent around this equation.

BP=HRxSV(TPR) BP=blood pressure, HR = Heart Rate, SV = Stroke Volume, TPR = total peripheral resistance.

Matt A
It can, there is a reaction called pulsus paradoxus.

In medicine, a pulsus paradoxus (PP), also paradoxic pulse and paradoxical pulse, is an exaggeration of the normal variation in the pulse during the inspiratory phase of respiration, in which the pulse becomes weaker as one inhales and stronger as one exhales. It is a sign that is indicative of several conditions including cardiac tamponade and lung diseases (e.g. asthma, COPD).

Another consideration is that the heart rate (pulse) is the first vital sign to change with hypoxia (low oxygen). It usually gets faster.

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