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 My daughter has Pneumonia?
My 6 year old daughter has pneumonia and has not eaten for 3 days . She will not drink anything at all. The doctor will not admitt her because she is not dehidraded. But I think that if she is not ...

 Low oxygen in the blood, is it.....?
an ongoing issue that can be diagnosed and treated or is it something that is only a symptom during a distinct illness or body trauma? I am not referring to yawning, I am wondering if this is a ...

 My 3 year old daughter suddenly can't breathe well thru her nose and has had a runny?
nose and cold symptoms for about a month. She just started pre-school and the teacher blames it on the exposure to other kids but my pediatrician says she may have enlarged adenoids and prescribed F...

 Asthma problems (symptoms)?
is it possible that it can cause you to cough a lot and like you feel your throt tight AND dry??????? ty in advance.PS can it make it hard for you to breath spesly when you excercise?????????....

 I was recently diagnosed with exercise induced asthma but my inhaler isn't helping me breath better?
what else could it be?...

 Health help!!! Please answer?
I've been around second hand smoke my whole life because my parents smoke in the house and in the car and I inhale slot of smoke. I'm really scared of getting lung problems from this and ...

 Hey i am a fifteen year old boy who has left side chest pains PLEASE help me?
i had appendacitus about two months ago and i had surgery that went fine i was feelin fine till about 7:00 on monday june 9th i woke up with a constant chest pain and it has gotten slightly better ...

 How to stop stomach acid from getting into the lungs?

 Help! How can I help my 2 year old son with asthma?
My 2 year old has had asthma for a long time now. He had pneumonia for the first time when he was 3 months old. He's had it 3 times since then. He's had RSV once. He was diagnosed with ...

 What is wrong with me?
For the last 72 hours, i have incorporated a low grade fever, and mostly aches and pains. I have vomited once, but my tonsils are all swollen and i can't stop coughing. I have a headache, and ...

 I am having mild pain in upper chest, what it is ?
some time it is felt in the middle of chest.. then goes away
Additional Details
its persistant mild and pressing on me chest some times its shooting but i m havin it since last three ...

 What does dry heaving indicate?
i have not vomited yet, but my body seems to continually dry heave, once about every 15 minutes or so for the past few hours. i have recently been ill but stopped taking the medication as it was ...

 I have to take the Tb test soon, does it hurt?
im afraid of it, and im afraid of all shots mostly, and how long is the shot/pain and also any tips to lessen the pain when it is first injected?...

 How easy is it to be affected by second hand weed smoke?
I was outside about 20 ft away from someone who was smoking weed I don't think i inhaled any smoke and i don't think i felt any different either (but i don't know for sure because i...

 Sleep anea but doctors won't listen!!! rant/question?
I have snored since i was 13...125 pounds...

I really want to have a surgery done that will help me or reduce it. Here's my problemo....

Im 21, no insurance...only Med-ical ...

 How do i stop coughing?

 How does the anticipation of a tickle affect you?

 I just had a PFT done today and my oxygen level was taken and read 94. What is considered normal level?
The PFT was to check my breathing and my lungs. One test that was supposed to be given had to be canceled due to one breathing test with saline solution in my lungs decreased my breathing 49% and if ...

 Urgent question about Carbon Monoxide poisoning?
Today I think I exposed myself to too much carbon monoxide by accidently leaving the oven door (I do not know if it is a gas oven? how can I tell??) open for a couple minutes, and being in a bachelor ...

 Why does my boyfriend had such a difficult time breathing ?
For about a year now when ever my boyfriend falls asleep especially after working long hours, he wakes up wheezing and can barely breathe., He is extremely afraid that he is going to die in his sleep....

Does cigarette smoke contain lead?

I don't get why you would want to know. If it is b/c you want to start smoking i would consider these things first.
First of all, you could give lung cancer to yourself AND to the people you hang around.So, most likely, you will die. If you smoke, you willl probably never be able to quit. You defidentally wouldn't make the world a better place. In fact, worse.

BTW, if it doesn;'t contain lead , it contains something even worse.
Hope this helps. If it doesn't, Sorry.

WΘMBAT is almost 100% batty
Who knows? The FDA doesn't monitor what goes into cigarettes. So if lead could in some way make nicotine more addictive, chances are tobacco companies would put it in. Besides, nicotine itself is just as poisonous as lead is, not to mention the hundreds of other toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke. Like cadmium, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, methanol, cyanide, coumarene, the list just goes on and on.......

Cigarette smoke contains many things that are very harmful and I believe lead is one of them.

No, it does not. Check the paint on your walls tho. It contains lead.

It wouldn't surprise me!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there is arsenic in it. but I still crave them.

Not in any significant quantity. The organics in smoke are the dangerous parts; many are carcinogenic.


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