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Does anyone know if you have asthma, do you always get coughing and wheezing?
My doctor diagnosed me with allergy asthma a few years ago, but i never have a cough or shortness of breath..all i get is the chest tightness and difficulty breathing, is this normal and is that really asthma?
Additional Details
sorry ment to say, no coughing or wheezing, just shortness of breath and chest tightness and difficulty breathing.

I have had severe asthma all of my life and have never wheezed and rarely actually short of breath. SO it can be normal, every person is different with how their body reacts to the disease, I am sure it is asthma

if your doctor diagnosed with asthma is becaue you have asthma

ruth m
Yes, you have asthma.
You don't always have a cough or wheezing with asthma, it depends on the severity of the inflammation in your lungs.
Your asthma is aggravated by allergies which is not as severe as it can be.
If you are on inhalers, keep using them when you need too for control of your symptoms.


Only when exposed to an alergan

Christina T
im not sure what asthma really fells like..but if your on meds it shouldnt be happening..look up the side effects and call your doctor asap

yep. i have asthma. I don't get shortness of breath neither. I get really sick once or twice a year, almost like bronchitis, that horrid coughing, no tightness in my chest, wheezing. Other than that I am ok. But that is what 'my attacks' are like.
I don't use and never did need an inhaler. Some people only have a few symptoms, and is affected differently. I guess it all depends on how bad your case of asthma is. DIfficulty breathing, you got an inhaler from your doc, huh? If not it must not be that bad. But good to have one with you all the time, just incase.

Yes it is normal, u can have asthma without coughing and wheezing. The tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing are also very common symptoms of asthma.

ya thats normal u dont always cough or stuff sumtimes its just mild

bill j
i have copd , same symptoms , don't cough, but i do get shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and chest tightness especially if i exert myself a little

Yeah. I don't usually wheeze or cough unless let the tightness go too long without using my inhaler.

My 18 year old daughter has had "allergy induced asthma" since she was 5. She has a lot of sinus issues. She does not have the wheezing that we all associate to asthma. However, if her asthma is super bad she has wheezing in her chest - like you would if you have bronchitis or pneumonia. She does get the chest tightness. It is from the bronchi dilating & becoming constricted. She coughs a lot when she has drainage from sinuses and throws up a lot. She had allergy testing & no allergies were found so.......She has to take Albuterol Inhaler when she has the chest tightness. Sometimes she is short on breath.....stress exacerbates asthma. She had a high school teacher with asthma that related to her right down to the throwing up. It is awful!

Here is a great resource with mega info.

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