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i forgot to mension i am on my 3rd course of antibiotics from the doctor, but they dont seem to work, then just give me thrush....

Sofia S.
Do you think smoking should be band?

me, not you
Ever hear of Prohibition? Didn't work for alcohol, so why do people think that it will work of smoking? Its just going to create a "black Market" for cigarettes. Its starting out with banning smoking in public places, but soon it will be banning smoking all together. I think its dumb!

NO HELL NO! last time i checked, it was not illegal to buy cigarettes, so why am i treated like a criminal every time i want to smoke?

Yes because people are dying because of this cause. The earth would be worst because of the pollution. Oh and you are very brilliant!

It should be but it's impossible. So maybe they can just try to lessen the production of cigarettes so that smokers can't buy all the time.

Tracy M
No it shouldn't be banned but it should be restricted like it currently is.

Banned,no. Non smoking sections are fine with me. It's a persons right to decide if they want to smoke.

But as a former smoker I've noticed that alot of smokers are very inconsiderate to non-smokers.
There are the share that will respect the fact that alot of us don't smoke, but they're few & far between.

Cloudcity CC
I think they've basically banned it already from everywhere public and even some places non public.

as a smoker i say no but i do understand how smoke bothers those that don't smoke

Banning smoking would be an attempt to make society healthier and to cut the cost of health care. So, will we also ban drinking of alcohol? Close all bars and clubs? We have thousands of products coming into this country from other countries in the name of free trade, that has caused illness and death. What about that health threat? It may start with smoking, but it won't stop there. Hopefully whatever happens, it will be fair and for the right reason.

Oliver Natividad
banned? Wouldn't happen in reality...

Regulated by expanding the NO SMOKING places posibble.

Get a lot of places in a "NO SMOKING" zone and put the smoking areas far, far away. That wouldlimit smokers from smoking slowly removing it. Also by removing ADS completely for smoking.

ashish c
Everything cant be banned.Better is awarness.Leave it to the judgment of individual.

Yes. It's very disturbing to people who don't smoke, it's addicting, it gives you cancer and it doesn't really do any good to you.. the world would be a better place without smoking. But let's be realistic, I don't think smoking will ever be completely banned.

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