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 I'm 15 and i smoke help me<<?
I cant stop smoking <3
every 10 mins gotta smoke? help ...

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If you are on any medication does marijuana have side effects if you take bath of them ...

 Do you think i need to take an antibiotic coz i had this cough for 4 days and i dont have voice til now.?

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It seems that toxic fumes on aircraft are causing serious fatigue problems for both staff and passengers especially on long distance flights. Apparently, filters were removed from planes when ...

 Do you snore?I do,do you?
I'm snoring right now actually....

 My Phenergan w/ Codeine cough syrup tastes like crap. Did they give me the wrong medicine?
I have a respiratory infection and the Dr prescribed Phenergan (Promethazine) w/ codeine for my cough. It's the same thing he always prescribes for me only this time it tastes very bitter. U...

 What can I drink to cut flim/mucus?
I seem to have developed an ugly cold. The stuff running down my throat makes me feels awful, and I can't seem to cough it up. When I do, it is abnormally thick. Is there anything I can drink ...

 My athsma is out of control,I take all recommended med.by dr.but nothing work at mom.I cant run or o.exercise.

 Do smokers get bothered by second-hand smoke?

 Help with Bricanyl Turbohaler..?
Urm yah. I have been at an allergy clinic for a while and trialled loads of drugs for my ''hayfever'', although it has been discovered that I have moderate athsma. I have been put ...

 What causes a pacemaker to move from one side to the other of the chest when lying in bed?

 Jus had a stroke in nov 07 cani get dla ?
i ripped an atery on the right side of my neck which i did during an epiletic fit. I was taken to hospital but id no poer on my right hand side. my speech was slurred and it made no since. A...

 What is sepsis?
how dangerous is it?

is it really true that when you have sepsis, the chance of death is higher than survival?...

 People reactions about SARS?

 Cough that comes in spasms, no mucus, sounds like a seal bark and vibates down to my chest - what causes it?

 Okay, phlegm color?
i know waht the colors mean,

but when i am not sick
in the mornings i feel like i have to clear my thorught or "hock a lugy" and when i spit it out it is a real dark green ...

 Does anyone know of a chat room that supports people who are trying to quit smoking cigs.?????

 Where can i buy a asthma inhaler without precription?
i don't have insurance anymore,i was wondering i anyone knows of a site or something where i can get an inhaler without a prescription.

p.s and somewhere kinda cheap cause i don'...

 Anyone know of a cold med. that will help relieve symptoms.?
I have a really bad cold with nasal congestion, cough and aching. Anyone with the name of a cold med. that they have tried that might work would be appreciated.
Additional Details
Oh yes ...

Do menthol cigarettes " crystallize" your lungs ?
I have heard this from so many people. Personally I can't conceive of how it could be possible truthfully. But I have heard of more incredible things being true. Yes, I know no cigarette is safe and COPD I can accept but crystallizing your lungs?

Lady America and Proud Of It
Yes. That is why I stopped smoking menthol cigarettes years ago. A med student I know actually told me she attended an autopsy done on a menthol smoker. She said it looked as though there was a layer of acrylic or plastic in the lungs.

ooh baby i luvs me sum menthols i be smokin on dem newports erryday

bout 2 packs a day fo me if i cant finds me newports i smoke on dem kools

Most of the studies suggest that menthol cigarettes do not carry an increased risk for lung cancer. Although there have been postulations to suggest otherwise:

Two main mechanisms have been offered to explain how menthol cigarettes could particularly elevate lung cancer risk. First, the products of menthol combustion might directly exert a carcinogenic effect on lung tissue. Alternatively, menthol’s cooling and anesthetic properties might permit larger puffs, deeper inhalation, or longer retention in the lungs, all of which would result in increased exposure to the carcinogenic elements in tobacco smoke.

There seems to be no credible evidence that any other problems arise with mentholated vs non-mentholated tobacco products.

well I don't know what "crystallize" means when it comes to lungs, but any kind of meth or cigarettes is awful for you and your lungs, oh, and people around you and their lungs.

so even if it didn't "crystallize" your lungs, it's still horrible.


urban legend


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