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doom stagg
Coughing up black phlegm... whats this all about?
I'm 21. I smoked the ganj (weed) for 2 years and quit about 1.5-2 months ago.
During the 2 years of weed smoking I coughed up phlegm with specs of black stuff in it every now and then. I was a serious smoker... at least once a day for those two years... then I quit pretty much cold turkey. (If you say marijuana is physically addictive I'll slap you)
The problem is that when I cough up phlegm there is a larger amount of black in each mucus load. AND its happening more frequently.
I am currently getting over a cold/cough so the amount of phlegm itself is alot more too.
Ohyeah... sometimes my phlegm is almost solid. When I get those(usually in the morning) there isnt any black stuff in them.
Please help... Ive read several different questions like this.
I just want to make sure its just my body trying to clean my resin saturated lungs and not something totally unexpected.

No I won't tell you marijuana is physically addictive, thats a mental thing. I have details for you but give me a second.

Ok edit check.. Im sick of hearing those anti smokers. Thats Number one. You do not have blood in discharge, thats a good sign. Two, if this is concerning to you. Ease on the smoke ,your body is cleaning itself, let it do its process. Don't make it worse by smoking anything for about two to three weeks. If you would get traces of blood. Your coughing will cause blood vessels to break that blood is not coming from the lungs its coming from your throat. Thats normal with continuous coughing. However, if you have a large amount of blood. I would see physician. This is a concern for you. Thats why you asked. I suggest, cut down the smoke a bit. Be reminded that even when quitting smoking all together will create more coughing because thats the bodies way of getting rid of something it does not need in there. I am not here to promote smoking or not smoking. Thats your business. I am just telling you what I know. I don't know your body and what it wants to do or won't do. I do know that a body repairs itself. In your case, it sounds like it is getting rid of the resin. A body can only do that for so long tho without serious consequences. Its the only body you have, take care of it. Moderate the smoking, and take care of your body.

jiggy phish
it might be nothing, but you should see a DR

It could be the 2 years of pot causing this blackish colored snot. The color of snot or sputum gives us clues as to what our body is dealing with. A big part of pulmonary fields
Is knowing what a sputum’s color means
So we thought we would take time to recite
Colors you might find for your learning delight

White sputum – could be the lungs are clean
White sputum – or asthma might be seen

But we can tell you that white is not
The only color cultivated from a crop
So to feed your learning appetite
Half a dozen more for further insight

Gray sputum – comes from a cold or flu
Gray sputum – might be hay fever too
Yellow sputum – it might be bronchitis
Yellow sputum – or bronchiectasis
Black sputum – could be from smoking crack
Black sputum – a nasty thing to hack
Red sputum – blood’s somewhere in the tree
Red sputum – think CA or TB
Orange sputum – might be Pneumococcus
Orange sputum – or Klebsiella pus
Green sputum – think Pseudomonas first
Green sputum – Mycoplasma’s the worst

We started thinking it was kind of mean
To end this song on the color green
Because we don’t wish to be impolite
Here’s one more color then we’ll say good night

Brown sputum – look for dehydration
Brown sputum – and now the song is done

Go see yor doctor, Partner.

It sound like your lungs are trying to clear themselves, but to be safe you should ask your doctor, make sure that nothing more serious is going on

♦Bl!nd PoeT♦
Ya dude it was from the smoke, not the marijuana but the SMOKE. My dad doesn't smoke marijuana but he does smoke cigarettes and that's what he goes through every day, though Im not sure what color it is. U should seriously go see a doctor.

Wow. . .Jesus. To me, it sounds like it IS just your body trying to detox itself, but I'm not a doctor and I don't know if anyone on yahoo can give you an answer you can trust. Maybe you could go to a doctor and ask? If he's a good one, he's not going to jump on your @ss about the weed, since you've quit. . .I just think you should go, just to make sure, you know?

Grandma of two
That sounds soooo gross... I am sorry you have to go threw it, I have no clue, but it seems like black has to be something in your lungs, I would definitely see a doctor and have some xrays. Good luck.

It's about time you get to a doctor.

I suggest medical attention ASAP- your body does have a way of cleaning itself out , but seriously, I would go get an examination.

Best Regards,


Cough some into a napkin and go see your Dr. You could have bronchitis or worse phenomena I have never heard of black Flem but you should get checked out.

Bruce C

Yes, It is your body trying to cleanse (and repair) itself from the damage. The solid parts of your phlegm are granulomas. I had many in my lung when part of it was taken out (unrelated disease, dont ask). Keep trying to get it up, but do not strain yourself. If you cough up blood with it, Ease off your coughing (if possible).

I hope it helps.


Faerie loue
You need to figure in your environment, did you work in a place that had coal dust or black paint or smoke. Because that is too much BLACK to be from smoking weed or tobacco for 20 years even!! Go get a lung xray and check up!

Former pothead, former cig smoker....

STILL hawk up yucky loogies 2 years after quitting.
The specks are environmental.....bummer!
Oh yeah......I am a chick.

Hey pothead >> .. check this...

Effects of Use:
Within a few minutes of inhaling marijuana smoke, users likely experience dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, some loss of coordination and poor sense of balance, and slower reaction times, along with intoxication. Blood vessels in the eye expand. For some people, marijuana raises blood pressure slightly and can double the normal heart rate. This effect can be greater when other drugs are mixed with marijuana. Research also has documented the following chronic or long-term effects of marijuana use.
Effects on the Brain: THC suppresses the neurons in the information-processing system of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is crucial for learning, memory, and the integration of sensory experiences with emotions and motivation. Researchers have discovered that learned behaviors, which depend on the hippocampus, deteriorate after chronic exposure to THC. Chronic abuse of marijuana also is associated with impaired attention and memory, while prenatal exposure to marijuana is associated with impaired verbal reasoning and memory in preschool children. Of possible relevance are findings from animal studies showing that chronic exposure to THC damages and destroys nerve cells and causes other pathological changes in the hippocampus.

Effects on the Respiratory System: Someone who smokes marijuana regularly may have many of the same respiratory problems that tobacco smokers have. These individuals may have daily cough and phlegm, symptoms of chronic bronchitis, and more frequent chest colds. Continuing to smoke marijuana can lead to abnormal functioning of the lungs and airways. Scientists have found signs of lung tissue injured or destroyed by marijuana smoke.

NIDA has developed two science-based question-and-answer booklets to educate the public about marijuana. These are Marijuana: Facts for Teens and Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know. The Institute also offers a 13-minute informational video for parents called Marijuana: What Can Parents Do? These resources are available from the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, P.O. Box 2345, Rockville, MD 20847-2345, (800) 729-6686.

From NIDA NOTES, March/April, 1996

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