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Additional Details
Ok-I know about going to a doctor, ENT, pharmacist, taking decongestants-they dry one up and how long to take them, vitamin c-doesn't work. I need proven methods ...

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Name me some of them and their side effects.....

 I've been smoking for four years now (yes i know its bad) how bad would my lungs look now?
...and how badly would they be affected,
I'd prefer people answering who know what they are talking about....

 My son has asthma (not severe) and we just got a cat-is this ok?
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 Any good home remedies for a sinus infection?

melisa k
Coughing hard green phlegm, no fever hard to breathe what is it??
so it started with my feeling kind of blah and tired then i had a little cold. a week later i thought for sure i had bronchitis since my throat was hurting and me chest was tight and i coughed up green phlegm its been about 2-3 weeks and i still have it although i feel better with my sore throat i cough up little green bits sometimes blood and i have no fever so what do i have??

nickie u
if you drink hot lemon juice it will break up all the phelm and make it easier on your throat.

drink some boiled lemonade as hot as you can stand it, it will break the phlegm up

If it is green, then more than likely you have a bacterial infection and need antibiotics....see your Dr.

It's either sinusitis or pneumonia. See a doctor to know for sure.

Sounds like a viral infection......they take forever to go away!

I hate to say it, but buddy you had better get in to the doc. You ain't well.

It could be a viral cold or Pneumonia. I'd go see a doctor asap. I had the same symptoms a long time ago and I was diagnosed with Pneumonia. That's how I know.

A good case for seeing a doctor.

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