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Eleanor W
Chest Infection/Pneumonia-do I go back to the Dr?
I had cold symptoms for about 10 days before going to my GP as they had turned into a very bad cough, chest pain, wheeziness and breathlessness. She listened to my chest and said it was very noisy and my pulse was fast; then sent me away with a double dose of antibiotics saying to come back if i felt no better.

I was very breathless over the weekend and my chest is hurting more, I'm also still coughing up green mucus, should I go back or am I over reacting?

I had Pneumonia about 3 months ago and I feel like I have similar symptoms but don't want to bother the Drs if this will clear up itself. I finish my weeks worth of antibiotics tomorrow.

At the very least, you need to call the doctor. Don't worry about bothering them... your health is important. Pneumonia is nothing to mess around with. Could be you just need a different anitbiotic. Don't wait... if you are not feeling better, call her, like she told you to do.
Good Luck!

Yes, you should. It is ok for you to bother your doctor. It's their job to see to it that you are in your best health since you are seeking their medical services. It is best to seek a doctor's help in conditions such as yours to prevent further complications. If the antibiotics is really working, you should see/feel some improvement in your condition by now.
Goodluck dear!

just a girl in the world
Back to the docs without a doubt, I had a situation like yours and I had an asthma attack and was in hospital for a week, very scary, I didn't know I had it!

Definatley go back to your GP and explain that you had pneumonia 3 months ago. Also tell them that you are not better. Bother the GP thats what he or she is there for. This is your health and in my book it's called looking after yourself.

don't worry about bothering the Dr that's what they are there for. Go and get yourself sorted.

My nan had a chesty cough and the doctor did nothing, we went for a second opinion and she also had pneumonia. when she went into hospital for them to drain her lungs the found out she had cancer. Sadly she died 3 months later, but if it wasn't for us overreacting we wouldn't have known.

I am not implying this to you but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Go and get yourself checked out again. I would.

dels replies
Don't worry about your doctor's concern it's you that matters. Go back, your chest should be a lot better after two weeks antibiotics , but you obviously have still got an infection. Your doctor said go back if you felt unwell, so do it.Your doctor has treated you correctly but cannot guarantee the result of the treatment. There is always an element of trial and error in doctor's treatments.The doctor may change the antibiotic, alter the dose, or may send you for further tests as the present treatment has not been effective. But whatever you do, get another appointment.

You should have felt better from the antibiotic within 2 days. Go back to the doctor fast, you could have pneumonia again. It was only 3 mths ago and your still probably in a weaken condition. I hope you feel better soon.

go back, better to waste their time than to be in pain. They'll understand, and it you have had a serious infection it is important to check it out. Go Back and see the doctor!!!

I would bother your doctor. I 've had pneumonia so I know how horrible it can be. You dont want to get that again. It may just be that the medication is working and all the gunk is working its way out of your body but better to be safe than sorry.

Get to the docs!

yes promto

You definiteyl need to go back to the doctors. I had a chest infection recently that lasted for nearly 3 weeks because I didn't go. The anti biotics she prescribed obviously haven't worked so get some more.

born again

Back in the fall I had the same symptoms you did, I was sick.
My Dr gave me antibiotics, they never helped. I had my Dr to call in more antibiotics [ you have to wait 3 weeks before getting another antibiotic] . Instead of getting better I got worse . All winter long I was sick. I had & appointment with my Dr on April 4.th.. I was sick, in pain & weak. I could have died..When I did see my Dr , she put me in the hospital. And I was there a week. I am better now.

If you don't go to your Dr go to the ER and get some help.
If you don't you will either go to the hospital or it could take you out.

I am trying to help you AND I HOPE YOU WILL GET WELL SOON.

Marie C
Go back to your doctor immediately! It sounds very much like you have pneumonia again. Your doctor wants you to come back, and even said so. Perhaps the antibiotic you are taking is not working as well as it needs to, and your doctor will put you on something different.

sounds like a relapse. pneumonia can be debilatating and if not appropriately treated can land you in ICU. if you are holding back from the Dr. b/c of money or lack of insurance coverage, well take the wait and see approach but if you begin to get worse, fever, malaise, chills, coughing up blood, extemely tired, then hasten to the doc. my advice is to go now. treatment response to pneumonia is usually very telling. that is within a ccouple of days people begin reporting feeling better. also depends on the type of pneumonia, viral or bacteria. if you get hospitalized, not ICU, an IV would get started and a potent, specific antibiotic would be administered. sometimes it's very important to know exactly which organism is causing the problem. since you say you had pneumonia recently then the probability of recurrence is high, now and into your future. you didn't mention age, which can be important. older adults can be seriously impacted by pneumonia. if you did nothing but wait you might ( I say might) make a fair recover from pneumonia on your own, but the length of time would be far, far longer than seeking treatment.

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