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 Will moving to the seaside sort out my constant mucus hacking?
I don't smoke, eat healthily, not much dairy, exercise regularly, etc. But over the last few years I have to hack up mucus every few hours. The mornings are worst and I find my self wretching ...

 A bit of red or blood phlegm in throat cough, itzit normal?
i been coughing very badly for the past few days.. itzit cancer??...

 How does a asthma attack happen?
reason im asking is im doing a play for school to raise awarness of childrens diseases and to educate people on how to handle them and my character has a asthma attack and i dont have asthma so i ...

 Anyone around who knows about asthma???
hi guys.....

doctors always prescribing me salbutomol inhalers were u have to press done to get the mist however when im in a coughing fit its quite hard to get relief.....has any asthma ...

 How can we cure asthma? if it happens to kids. What is immediate releif for it is allopathay is best for it.?

 What are the symptoms of pneumonia?
my 10 yr old complains of tight chest and was sleeping all day yesterday threw up yesterday 3 times and is having trouble at times moving around
Additional Details
he had a lowgrade ...

 What is pleurisy?

 I am a runner and I sneeze badly after a race and continue for about three days. What can I do about it?

 Sometimes giving oxygen to a patient can be deadly-when is that a problem?

 Do asthma attacks always kill without medication, or can it get better by itself?
I thought that all asthma was relative to the individual and that not all bronchiospasms were severe. Is it possible to have an attack or have asthma, and not take your meds, and have it all return ...

 Shouldn't we be doing something productive besides sitting at a computer all day?
Its Christmas, get out and do something!!!
Additional Details
no, i spend too much time at computer....

 If someone has emphysema....?
If someone has emphysema, then has a heart attack will placing stents in the blocked arteries help blood flow to the lungs and allow breathing to be better? Are will that not make that big of a ...

 Something is stuck in my throat or wind pipe?
I feel like there is something stuck in my throat.
like it doesn't hurt or anything but i can feel it.
when i sleep i can't feel it. I tried spraying some
soar throat stuff ...

 I just started smoking, why does my chest hurt?
I've been smoking for about a month or so now. Today i smoked about 2 and a half parliaments today....

 Ventilator Pnuemonia?
does anyone know how this is treated??
Additional Details
He is on a ventilator and has developed ...

 Has anyone had success quiting smoking with Chantix?

 What can i do/say to stop my friends from smoking?
they are 14.
how can i tell them to stop!
they dont listen!
they dont smoke a lot but i want them to stop!...

 ..I stropped smoking pot about 5 months ago. about 1 week ago?
I took one small hit from my old bowl that mostly contained resin. I have to have a hair test in a few days. Will I ...

 Cigarss ?!?
Is smoking a cigar (ex colts) bad for you when you only smoke one every so often .. like every 2 weeks ?...

 What is the best otc medicine for a sinus infection?
i'm pretty sure i have a sinus infection... i'm stuffy and congested, then drippy, sore thoat, thick gross mucous (sorry for the details).. what med shoudl i take? maybe its just a cold? im ...

Can you take two different antibiotics at the same time?
I have been taking amoxicillin 500 mg for several days. This morning I took two trying to avoid the doctors office. I went to the doctor today and was diagnosed with Bronchitis and was prescribed Ciprofloxacn 250 mg. Can I take the Ciprofloxacn today when I already took the amoxicillin?

you can take two different antibiotics.
In your case ; when you have Bronchitis ,take Ciprofloxacin as prescribed and discontinue Amoxicillin now, coz it won't do any good , if it was effective to your Bronchitis it would have effected by-now .so,discontinue it and take ciplox.
Get Well soon .

If you got worse, it means that Amox. was not effective. Cipro. has a broader spectrum. Take cipro. and stop amox. Sometimes, 2 antibiotics are taken together for 2 different infections, or if they both have a synergistic effect when taken together.

Yes u can take two different kinds at the same time.

Did you tell that to the nurse ?

I would call the office

ask this question of your doctor. if you cannot get in touch with him call and talk to the pharmacist.

Uggg I wouldn't ,I would wait and start taking them tomorrow.

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