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 I smoke 5 cigarattes a day and 2 joints of marijuana, which among these two is more dangerous?
i want to quit smoking cigarettes, but my health is very fine, so when these pufs will affect my health.....

 Stop snoring?
i live with my girlfriend and i snore. it keeps her awake at night. what can i do to stop snoring? we dont want to sleep in different rooms....

 This is kind of gross so medical professionals only?
I had an upper resp infection about a week a go and now I am just coughing up a lot of mucus and blowing out stuff from my nose. If the discharge from the nose is dark yellow am I close to being ok ...

 What could this be?
ok my left foot has been goin munb for the past few days on and off....i have no back problems but also hear latley i have has shortness of breath...any ideas on what is wrong?
Additional D...

 What is wrong with me??
i had a bad cough about 3 weeks ago..i went to the doctor..she said that there is nothing wrong with my lungs..but whenever i cough..its very difficult to breath..n i have to burp to breath??..there&#...

i KNOW i have pneumonia! i've had it before several times so i know how it feels plus i have the symptoms...if i try to take a deep breathe i cough continuously...and if i laugh i cough ...

 Does smoking marijuana cause chest pains?
i suspect they started a few months after i started smoking marijuana and have been going on for like two ...

 Extreme Sore throat! Please help?
Well I've had really bad sore throat for about a week. I started out feeling the signs of a sinus infection so I just thought that my throat was hurting from sinus drainage. I had a slight fever ...

 Chronic Siniusitis...anyone had surgery for it?
Has anyone had surgery for chronic sinusitis? If so, what were the results? Did it help? I've heard people that have had no improvements afterwards. Has anyone tried any other treatments that ...

 I have been a hard worker for a good twenty years.?
I smoke about 1/2 a pack of cigs per day. And now just recently I do not have the stamina to do anything. Even getting up is tough. I'm out of breath easily. It seems I have to work harder and ...

 Why is the heart on the left side of our chest?

 What do you think?
For a while now the U.S government has been selling cigarettes
and the reason if because nicitine, a very powerfull substance that makes smoking addicting. Every puff of smoke shortens your life ...

 When someone is put on Oxygen, is there a chance (at all) that they may be taken off of it?
My mother had lack of oxygen to the brain. We discovered, while in the hospital, over a choking incident, that she also has COPD. They put her on Oxygen. She has a few follow-up tests & we were ...

 About synus?
headache and breathing ...

 What is the treatment for a person if his lungs are filled with water?
What precautions should he take? What are the illeffects?...

 Physical signs of a smoker?
My girlfriend has beautiful white teeth, her fingernails aren't yellow, her breath doesn't smell like cigarettes, she smells beautiful. Does she smoke?
Additional Details
her ...

 Is asthma worsened more in hot weather or cold weather? why?

 How do i stop snoring?
my fiancee tells me i sound like a dying walrus! please help, because i can wake her up out of a dead sleep. and the nose strips don't work....

 My asthma is cold sensitive. I think of relocating from California to Maryland. Can it be controlled there?
I lived for 5 years in Michigan and my astma went out of control
in the winter times. Whenever I got a cold, even 2 weeks of medical leave were not enough and I had asthmatic bronchitists ...

 How do you get rid of a starting sinus infection?
what are some natural ways...I feel it coming on but it hasnt hit yet......

Can you drink while taking a z-pack (Azithromycin)?
I just started one today for strep throat. There's nothing in the given drug info that says not to and most everyone I've asked says it's most likely okay. Thoughts?

Consuming any form of alcohol while on any form of antibiotics will make you puke. I guarantee it.

Zell D
no you can't drink taking any type pof medication...period

Please do not drink! Finish your meds and then you can drink in moderation. Hang on until New Years.

no drinking lowers immune function and youre taking a z-pack to build up your immune system.

lindasue m
NO you should never drink alcohol when taking an antibiotic. It can cause a severe reaction such as coma and death. It can also disrupt the antibiotics effectiveness. ALWAYS finish every antibiotic as directed. You often will begin some improvement of symptoms and think you are better when in reality the medicine has begun to work but not yet killed off the infection. With strept throat you must be careful. It can move to another organ of your body and silently kill it (such as your liver for example) This is a reality as I have a cousin this happened to when she was about 7 years old. Always complete meds as prescribed for your own protection. ... and do not drink, please when taking them.

NO...with any medication, you should not drink...you can have a serious side effect with it..most common ones are dizziness, vomitting and so on...

i just got off of Z-pack and my lables clearly stated stay away from alcohol...

NO you can not drink taking a zpac. First of all it could make you very sick.. and secondly the antibiotics will not be as effective.

No, alcohol keeps the antibiotic from working. Also, if you are on birth control pills, the antibiotic keeps those from working so watch out.

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