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 Does anyone know anything about Codeine overdose?
I have been very sick with a cold and bad cough for the last week and last night I took some cough syrup with codeine in it that was prescribed to me the last time I had a bad cough, but I accidently ...

 What is wrong with me? Not been able to talk for 5 days now.?
Started with sore throat, went to see the doctor who told me i had a virus. Couple of days later no better so, they say i have a chest infection. Only now i struggle to breath as my chest is so tight ...

 I wanna get rid of my asthma?
any help?...

 Can you still have a operation if you have a cold?
i am having a general aneasthetic and have come down with a cold just wondering if they will still operate?...

 I think i have pneumonia. what r the signs and or symptoms of pneumonia?
when i breathe in i have shortness of breathe. i fell dizzy a lot. and also when i breath in i have shallow breathing and i feel like i have 2 cough but i cant.
Additional Details
could ...

 What is the best way to treat Pneumonia?

 I quit smoking 10 years ago, just diganosed with copd, will my lungs get worse?

 Is caffine known to relieve asthma symptoms?
About two years ago, 2005ish, I decided to cut almost all caffine out of my diet. Once and a while, like every 6 months, I would slip a trip to the local coffee shop. But around 2006 I started to ...

 How can you stop a deep snoring person?

 I know smoking can kill you but does it make you sick throughout the year as well?

 Can i get rid of this sore throat by monday?
i had a sore throat last week and missed my baketball that we lost 7-45 because i wasn't there. then this week i got another sore throat right before i go to jamaica on monday. it's not a ...

 Help!!Should i go to the ER?????????
i have been having troubles breathing and i feel like my throat is closing up and nausea for a few months but it is TERRIBLE right now. should i go to the er?. and also my chest feels really tight. ...

 Whats wrong with me?!?
I'm 17 and I've been having some of these symptoms for over 3 years... Coughing, mucus, throat clearing, dizziness, shivering, weak legs, occasional sharp pains (random body parts), and ...

 Y do ppl smoke?

 My son is spitting up green phelgm and has a very bad cough? Is this just an infection?
My son has been having this bad cough. It quit for a while but it is back again. He has been coughing now for 3 days. It almost seems nonstop. I took him to the doctors about 3 weeks ago because of ...

 Why are my sinus swollen when it is warm but I can breathe when it is freezing?
If I'm out side I can breathe just fine but indoors when it is warm my sinus sell, and either i sneeze a lot or my nose runs. bottom line is i can't breathe. anyone have and idea as to why ...

 My son is on breathing treatments and they dont seem to work?
I was just wondering if any other kids have had this same problem. He has been on breathing treatments for a couple of months and never seem to work. He has gotten 2 chest xrays and they both are ...

 Pain in the chest, can this come from my back?
I have pain in my chest on the left side, it is not a sharp pain but as if there is a lot of pressure there. I also have a funny feeling in my left arm. When I move around I get out of breath. I am 50...

 Why does my chest hurt so bad after I drink alcohol?
It's mainly in my sternum area. It hurts so bad I can't breath. It happens like right after I drink too, even if it's just a sip. I know it's not heart burn, because I had that ...

 I have a very bad sore throat and i can't talk or swallow and i ca breathing is a little hard.. any ideas?
i also have an earache and a little bit of a headache, and i threw up last night. i went to the doctors and she said it wasn't tonsillitis because there were no spots on my tonsils. she just ...

Can you die from Infections of the respiratory tract, sinuses, kidney, ear, or skin?

You don't die from infections, but from complications. A respiratory tract infection, if not taken care of, can result in pneumonia, and so forth.

Kidney infections can seriously mess you up.

someone I cared for had a kidney replacement and died to a staff infection in his blood that he got during the surgery.

any infection can kill but some kinds usually don't

infections can lead to other infections even if the original one doesn't kill

example sinus can lead to bronchial asmtha and that can kill

Absolutely, any infection can kill you if it is bad enough.


Bow Hunter
Any and all infections can kill you if left untreated.

yes you can, all areas you mention have serious diseases that could kill you if contracted. But more importantly and infection can kill if left untreated.

I almost died from Legionnaire's disease, so yes you can.

Yes, if the infection is severe enough and goes untreated, it can be fatal. Everyones immune system is different, some have a higher tolerance than others. If you have an infection, see a Dr., its not worth the risk. Good luck!!!

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