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 When will his symptoms start getting better?
My son has his been on a five days course of antibiotics for bronchitis. He takes it once a day and has taken it for 2 days. How soon will he start to sound better?...

 Sleep apnea is this a serious condition? what are the cures?
my partner does not believe me when i said he has this conditon, i have ask him to see the doctor, will have better nights sleeps. very heavy snorer! what would thay do regarding this condition....

 What could it be when you have a heavy pain in your chest from arm to arm?
I have a heavy pain in my chest all the way across the top of the chest no trouble breathing or swollowing....

 Is it ok for me to smoke hookah if i have athsma?

Additional Details
tabacco free ...

 To people with asthma or Bronchitis?
When you yawn, do you feel your lung tightening or some sort of effect in your lungs?...

I have had pain in my left chest between the nipple and sterum, and the same pain in my back just below the shoulder blade (same side). It's very tender, feels like a bruise, with a nagging dry ...

 My friend has a small nodule on her lung... does anyone have any helpful info on this?
she has never smoked anything nor lived with a ...

 I just got back from the ER and they told me I have Bronchitus. I don't have a sore throat though.?
I have a very sore dry chest. I'm caughing alot and sometimes my chest rattles but I'm able to caugh it up. I have been running 103., haveing very bad sweats and chills. My head throbs ...

 HELP ME PLEASE! i just took 10 antibiotic pills at once?
what will happen :|...

 Is he too young to feel the effects of second hand smoke?
My husband is only 20 but for the last 9 months or so he's been complaining about not being able to breathe. He says he feels pressure on his chest and that when he tries to take a deep breathe ...

 Nose bleeds...Please answer!?
Im 16, And I've started having nose bleeds in the past year.
My older brother has them ALL the time.
He started getting them in his teens.

But, I don't know what caused ...

 I am 12 weeks pregnant and I been coughing really bad for week now and can't sleep at night.will my baby be ok
Hi, I am 12 weeks pregnant and I been coughing really bad for a week now. I have been taking cough medicine and drinking tea but it seems that I am not getting better.... The worst part is I don'...

 Gallbladder Attacks?
My mom is suffering really bad from gallbladder attacks. She was due to have surgery next month. Today, she is so sick and I called the surgeon and told him she was having a major attack. I wanted ...

 Light headed, dizzyness, what can this be?
ok while at wreslting pratice today we garther round the circle, and then suddenly, i like couldnt see, all i saw was like gray fuzz, like when u got no tv, and this happened to me yesterday to, any ...

 Can you think about breathing too much and then have a hard time doing it?

 Does Secondhand Smoke really kill?
My dad smokes and since he drops me to work everyday, I get some added exposure. Plus the guy I share my office with also smokes. Neither one is a chain smoker (they smoke about one every two or ...

 Ladies, I have a dastardly ailment.?
I have got the worst cold anyone has ever had in the whole world. Can you E mail me with messages of sympathy please?...

 Is there a harmless cigarette?
a cigarette which contains no harmless ingredients like nicotine or tar....

 Was there something in the air that night ?

 Dry chronic cough - how to fight this beast?
I've been coughing for more than one year. I want to cough more when I start coughing .. The more I cough uglier it sounds and I don't cough up much.

It doesn't bother me ...

Can u get pneumonia more than once?
i had pneumonia at the end of january and now i am getting the same symptoms again.

probably.. its just like a cold basically.. except worst

Yes you can get pneumonia multiple times. There is a shot that you can get the can boost the IgA's and help you T-helper cells boost your immunity to pneumonia.

Might want to get back to the doctor. Could be that you never recovered and symptoms are getting worse.

Most definitely! If you are feeling the same symptoms call your doctor back. ask them if you can get in or what course of action they suggest. I had to go on cortef to get all the way over it.. 3x for me last year

Yes. There are more than 80 known types of pneumococcus bacteria, with 23 types included in the current pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine. Having been infected with one type does not always make the patient immune to other types. Even if an individual has had one or more episodes of invasive pneumococcal disease, he or she needs to be vaccinated.

yes, my dad has had it a numerous amount of times. just cause you get it ince doesn't mean you will never get it again

Yes, I get a yearly pneumonia. Once you have had pneumonia, u can get it a lot easier due to the scarring in your lungs

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