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sdf s
Can smoking pot give you a cold?
2 days ago i smoked pot for the first time. i got high, and for about 10 hours after i felt in a daze
yesterdasy i was ok though until aobut six, when i felt tired and in a daze again. this lasted till morning, but im pretty sure it was just phycological. now, 2 days later, i have a cough and a mild fever. i am also very tired. does this have anything to do with the pot or is this just a regular cold thats unrelated?

tammy g
i doubt that pot gave you a cold.did you smoke it with someone that had a cold?if not its propally unrelated.get you some thera flu..

pot dose weaken your amune system...yes however it woulldnt CAUSE a cold. its safe to smoke it as long as you get the correct amount of vitamins a day. no worry. i smoke it faithfully every morning-evening and night and i havent been sick in ooh lord knows how long.

Well there are a lot of colds around right now! If you were sharing a bong or pipe, yeah for sure thats how you got the cold, germs stay in bongs and that. Plus pot makes your immune system low! ( its nice to be in a daze though) but yeah, thats how you would have caught it but it won't happen everytime...... having your own joint can pretect you too from other peoples germs.... but remember it does make your immune system low.

Smoke is smoke and it can weaken your immune system. Inhaling any kind of pollutant can make you prone to sickness, too. They say cigarette smoking depletes your body of vitamin c which fights off sickness.

captn. Barbosa
dude your fine, i blew back in the day off and on. Either someone had some of the symptoms your talking about or simply your sinus is just draining that crap out of you take some cold medicine and you will be fine. Stay off drugs their bad and don't solve anything when you come back to earth this is the captain speaking you can unbuckle your seat belt and exit the mother ship!!!!

you could have got a cold from someone but not really the pot and it sound like it wasnt just pot you smoked

Either you smoked some bad stuff that your body is reacting to, or it's just a coincidence. It's hard to say. Smoking pot or tobacco doesn't give you a cold.

James J
I'm sure all kinds of people will tell you all kinds of things, but the bottom line is, colds are caused by viruses. If the person who you smoked with had a cold, you could have got it ...from HIM or HER - and from viruses that their lips deposited on the joint, but not from the pot. Any viruses present on the pot itself couldn't survive being incinerated in the cherry. It's far more likely that you had been infected for about 5 to 7 days, often cold viruses take this long to cause symptoms after the initial infection.

ll_jenny_ll here
I can't smoke... I get bronchial problems .

MAYBE you're the same,

good advice i can give you is IF you have your doubts re POT then don't smoke it.

Not everybody can use any drug .. Better advice again .. look after your brain cells and don't use drugs at all

I smoked 1 "cigarette", and got a cold for 3 weeks. Yes, i think it has connections.

My husband smoke all the time he doesn't have any problems but I say that it is dumb just don't do it it is not worth it. Just stay away from drugs.

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