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Carissa F
Can pnemonia come back after you have gotten over it recently?
I recently got pnemonia, maybe five weeks ago. Even though the symptoms have cleared, I still have a persistant cough. Sometimes I will go for two days without coughing once and then other times I can go for two days with a non-stop cough. Its been weeks and sometimes I get chest pain from coughing so much and I may cough so much that I feel i am about to vomit. Besides this I feel fine, but its an re-occurring thing.

perhaps you havent recovered completely...
take rest...

Yes, It's called a backset.

There have been reports of recurrence. Post pneumonia recuperative therapies are good enough to prevent it from recurrence. Consult your doctor for this.

Yes, pneumonia can definitely come back. I had it a few years back. First got it in March, was sent home with medication, then in June, it came back even worse. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. I'm in Canada, so maybe they do things a little different here. But after leaving the hospital, I was given an appt to come back in 6 weeks, where they did a chest x-ray to check my lungs cuz I was still awfully short of breath. I think as long as your not coughing any phlegm up, your lungs are probably still in the process of recovering so the cough will take a little time to clear up but if your experiencing pain then I think it's time for a return visit to your doctor. Don't put it off to long as your lungs are not a thing to be messed with. I now know that from experience.

Amanda K
Did you finish all of your antibiotic? If not,t aht could be why. I would go back to the Dr if I were you to get another round of meds to be on the safe side.

It can take up to two months to gain the full function of your lungs again.This is normal as your lungs are still trying to heal. You need to do pulmonary lung exercises like walking to get your lungs to expanding normally.

Yes, you need to be careful for a while. The coughing you mention may be related to the pneumonia you had as the body may still need repair the linings of the lungs and airway and remove any remains of the infection.

Judy C
yes, it happend to me. i had it for about a month. i was taking antibitics and using the nebulizer i thought i was over it. then a few weeks later it hit me again and stronger. i had to be on antibiotics for about another 2 weeks then it cleared up. but i still had alot of phlem afterwards. i would cough till my cheast hurt also. drink alot of water and make sure your room is clean of dust and take your meds.

sweet sue
You need to see your Dr. and make sure its leared up, it is very possible it hasn't. You may need more antibiotics or other treatment. Make sure you get a Chest xray.


You likely never got rid of it completely.

Please head back to the doc before it worsens.

Hang in there,

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