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Can i smoke while talking antibiotics?

Why bother taking the antibotics if you don't care about your health in the long run? If you are going to pollute your lungs, you may as well get used to feeling like garbage all the time.
But yes, if you insist, you could smoke and the antibiotic will do its job anyway.

J to the Z
shouldn't smoke period

Yes, you could smoke, but for the drug to work better cut out the smoking until the infection is clear.

Johnny B
Yes you can also,
Sniff paint, petrol, glue etc...
Take speed, and a whole host of other drugs.
I don't know why you're bothering to take antibiotics when its only a matter of time till you die from your smoking anyway.
Get real and quit while you're ahead!

ya why not? but i wouldn't cuz i would not want to die

shouldnt you be asking a doctor that

Yea, its okay. But remember, smoking always delays the healing process of any kind. So you may want to give it a break till you get better.

Yes just don't drink

technically there is no contraindication to smoking while on antibiotics.
but if u r taking antibiotics for a lung or throat condition, smoking may decrease the efficacy of the antibiotic as the injury will continue to ocurr in the affected part & so healing will be affected & ur antibiotic will not work

Yes, your just not supposed to drink, as it won't work the way it's supposed to.

Yeah you can, but why bother. Maybe if you weren't smoking you wouldn't be on antibiotics. I don't know exactly what your taking them for but if it's for something to do with the lungs then maybe you ought to think about quiting. Smoking can slow down the healing process. There is a new drug out there called Chantix that can help you quit. Just wanted to let you know about that just in case you decide you would like to think about quiting. You'll be much healthier.

Man these non-smokers are preachy aren't they?! Anyway, depends what you are taking them for, if it isn't respiratory issue I wouldn't worry about it.

you shouldnt but it dosent say you cant

Technically probalary yes... But it would be advised not to specially if you are been treated for a lung or throat condition etc etc.

Depends on what you are smoking. If it is cigarette's then it would say on the prescription bottle, and if it is any other drug then you need to ask your Doctor.

It depends on your doctor's orders and the side effects of the anti-biotics. Like with some pills, you shouldn't eat grapefruit (go figure). You shouldn't smoke at all but I imagine it won't hurt you any more to do it on anti-biotics.

you can smoke unless you have pneumonia or respirtory problems don't because you never get better

It won't affect the effectiveness of any oral antibiotics currently available in the U.S.

Yes, however the nicotine may interact with the drug, causing the antibiotic not to function normally.

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