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Can i get ssi if i have copd and asthma?

Would you want to know how to improve on your condition naturally?

NOT necessary - you need to ask your doctor if he considers you disabled because of these - if he says yes - then you have a chance to get SSI!@

That depends on how advanced your condition is at the time you apply. Are you on oxygen for your condition? Do you have Shortness of breath and have a hard time doing simple activites? There is alot to consider when you apply for this. Ask your doctor the respiratory doctors are usually very good about helping their patients out on things like this.

bill j
I have COPD and I'm on SS Disability , yes you can ,apply for it get a Doctors diagnoses , they will give you a pulmonary function test and go from there . apply for it as soon as you cane because it takes the better part of 6 mos. to get thru their paper work , you know our gov. at work ...good luck

aply for ssi n ssdi u may qualify for both..its gonna take awhile n u may not get it the first time u try...if u dont then get a lawyer to help u the second time unless u know how to do the process yourself.i didnt qualify for ssi i qualified for my own ssdi.u get more money from ssdi cause its the money uve paid into ss all ur working life n u get a certain credit that will qualify for it.u automatically qualify for medicaid but in 1 year u also get medicare benefits..good luck

I am trying now.
I believe so, you just got to fir within the guidelines, and I am not sure what they are.
I went to the doctors because my emphysema keeps me from working.
I hope I can have disability

Frank P
My father has COPD. He gets it.

It would depend on the severity of your particular disease.
I have advanced Emphysema, with the added Alpha1Antitripsin Definciency and I thought it would take Social Security FOREVER to approve me.
First, you will need to have all of your claim backed up medically.
The more doctors & tests, the better.
Check with whatever Legal Aide Society you have in your area for legal representation & advocacy.
Above all, if your claim is legitimate, do not quit! Social Security pays back to original application date!

That would depend on your pulmonary function studies.

Don't ride the system...just go to work! I am tired of supporting people who find a way to be "disabled".

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