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Can cold air really make you sick?
So here's a little overview.. I've been sick for about 2 & a half months now..supposedly mycoplasma pneumonia. The doctors I've seen have sent me home with antibiotics & they're not working. My mom complains because I go to bed with my ceiling fan on full blast.. I don't sleep directly under the AC vent, so it's not really COLD air.. it's just wind. Sometimes I go to sleep with my hair wet.. But can that really be keeping me sick or making me sicker? I've always thought those things were just a myth!

No it is because when it is cold out side you tend to spend more time indoors with other people and germs spread faster in warm air.

NO!! tHAt iS SO NOT TRUE!! i read this in a magazine and its 100% true. Drink spicy chicken soup it'll help all the "bad stuff" get out throough ur nose. u can only cath a cold through other ppl or things. wet hair and coldness has nothing to do with it. wet hair dsnt make a difference.

Girls M
No, it's not the cold air that is making you sick. You can't catch a cold that way, not even running outside butt naked in the freezing cold will make you sick. You actually have to pick up a germ or a virus from somewhere or someone. But I have noticed while I am sick that the cold air will make me feel weaker. I guess it's because my body is already fighting off germs it and helping my body stay warm, making me more exhausted and week.

I go to sleep with my hair wet all the time so i don't think that is what caused it maybe someone had it and you caught it from them

Megan B
No cold air does not make you sick that's a myth. Bacteria makes you sick.

Cold air can not make a person sick. It can not give someone a cold. However, cold air can lower ones immunity so they are therefore more susceptible to sickness, such as getting a cold.

So, if the overall temp of the room is cold, and the fan is blowing the cold air on you, then yes, I could see how it would be a factor. However, if the room is a decent temperature, then no, I wouldn't believe so, even though a fan does help to lower our temps in warm/hot environments, it wouldnt do so drastically enough.

Gypsy Girl
Cold temperatures cannot make you sick, neither can wind. You are probably reinfecting yourself. Buy a package of 6 cheap toothbrushes. Throw out your current toothbrush and use the cheap toothbrushes for no more than a week. By the end of the 6 weeks, you should be feeling better and can buy a more expensive "good" toothbrush.

Clean your room with a bleach product to kill any germs in it. Do this weekly until you feel better. If you can convince your mother, air out the house by opening all the windows for half an hour. Yes it will get cold, but if you do it in the middle of the day, it shouldn't get that bad.

Clean the dishes and rinse them in a mild bleach water to kill germs. Wash all your clothes with an antibacterial soap. Bleach is best, but you can't bleach your colored clothes.

Get an antibacterial hand wash and wash your hands with it many times througout the day. Again, the idea is to kill germs. Get the kind that has moisturizers in it or your hands will get really dry.

This may sound like overkill, but you have been sick for 2 1/2 months. Clean anything and everything that you can. Also, eat yogurt while you are taking antibiotics to avoid stomach problems and yeast infections.

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