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Can being exposed to toxic fumes from cleaning supplies cause illness?
On Sunday, while visiting my mother at a nursing home, I was exposed to toxic fumes when the maintainace man came in and started cleaning the toilet while I was in the bathroom cleaning my mother's teeth. The fumes were so strong I had to leave, but not before filling my lungs. Since then I have been sick, my lungs burn, I'm coughing, and yesterday morning my temperature reached 101.4. Is this just a coincidence or is there a conection?

valentines snowman

The Munkey Hatchet Man

yes i'd go to a doctor and tell him what the chemical was and find out wats wrong

I get severe migraines from chemicals, so, yes, I do feel that there can be a connection. It can make you cough and make your lungs feel tight and burning. As far as the temperature, I think that it is more likely that your immune system was down because of feeling off from the chemicals and it let an illness get through. I'm not positive on this, but that is what my experience is telling me. Hope you feel better.

I'm not sure if thats why you are sick but it is possible. My mother used to get really sick from the fumes of certian cleaning products. I would suggest going to see your doctor about it?

Hugs and Kisses
There probably is a connection. Considering you wasn't sick until after. Sometimes if you breath in to much of a toxin it can make you very sick. I know from experience. If you don't start felling better soon I would go to the doctor. Good Luck.

Sounds more like a virus... Temp. is indicator that your body is fighting an infection

See a doctor. I have a friend who was exposed to fumes at work when she inhaled fumes from floor cleaning solution. She died and was resuscitated five time before she was stabilized. She has had problems ever since.

It is unlikely the fever has anything to do with the exposure but your other symptoms might be

I would definitely go get checked out. Fumes can cause illness, especially in the upper respiratory system! Go to the doctor!

Don't panic by reading some of the previous answers....some of them are absolutely baseless.

Yes, it is possible to have lung damage from mixing certain cleaning chemicals, but guaranteed, the guy using the chemicals would be way worse off than you are right now. He was right in the "line of fire", so to speak. If the chemicals were really toxic, he would have bailed long before you got hit with them, right?

Inhalation of certain mixed chemical, such as ammonia, and acid based compounds can indeed cause "burning" and irritation of the lung tissue. However, the severity of a chemical pneumonitis will be dependent on how long your exposure was. Seeing that your symptoms started after the exposure, there's a definite likelyhood they are connected. However, if you left quickly, the chances of any long term problems is limited. Not to say that everythings fine in your lungs, but it's rare to have chemical burns from bathroom cleaning supplies that cause long term problems. The defense mechanism for "toxic inhalations" is to 1) hold your breath and not continue breathing the stuff, and 2) get the heck out of the area. I presume you did both.

As most people have said, your wisest choice is to see a doctor and get a chest X-ray to see if you have developed a pnuemonia. Although it's a lower probability than "pneumonitis", or inflammation, it's a possibility.

My two cents worth...from years and years as a respiratory therapist

There is definitely a connection and your symptoms leaves me to believe you better see a doctor as soon as possible.

You can develop chemical pneumonia by mixing certain cleaning supplies together, for example bleach and ammonia. With the symptoms you describe it would be a good idea to be checked over by your Dr. This may be just a coincidence and may not be chemical related. But, there is definitely something wrong and you need medical attention.

i would go back to the nursing home, find out what chemical it was, take the lable and call poison control! NOW!!

Chances are you burned your tonsils and singed your lungs a bit...now they are inflammed and possibly infected. A fever is a sure sign of infection. Get yourself to a medical professional for some tests and antibiotics before you get pnemonia.

Of course.Why do you think they call them toxic????

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