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I waited a few months to go to the doc because I thought it would go away but when I went in he told me I had bronchitis (even though I didnt have a cough) he gave me meds and a inhaler...even now (3 ...

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Erika A
Bronchitis Won't Go Away...?
I've been sick with bronchitis for over a month now. I've gone to the doctor twice, and they've put me on two different antibiotics and an inhaler because it's gotten so severe. I have a horrible pain in my chest and it's kind of hard to breathe. Does anyone know ANYTHING I can do? I am a smoker, and know that it's detrimental to my health, however if you are a smoker, you know it's not that easy to stop, even when your health is at stake. Does anybody know if maybe the doctors overlooked something? Or should I go back, and waste another $20 copay, just to be told the same thing? Help!

doctors know ****-the family practioner:they ask a few questions but have u notice that its all the same. the only time i got to the doctors is for cough medication and antibiotics that it!!!!! but lately, the antibiotic hasnt cured my coughing. i take bayer for two days and it relieved all of my pains-headache, fever, backpain, and lung problems. afterwards, i decide to jog 2 miles so my body can recover. Go get i lung examination!!!!!!!!!!!

vitamins is all it should take. that and lots of fresh, pure water and plenty of rest.

i know how you feel im going through the same thing right now .. try contacting the doctor that you have seen and telling him it didn't work and see if he will just prescribe you another antibiotic without having to go in.. also lots of fluid and nyquil that has become my friend. :)

the Boss
Definitely quit the smoking. You won't recover well if you keep smoking. You can get some over the counter guanefesin which will clear the mucus out of your lungs in products such as Humibid or Bronkaid which has ephedrine too.

I think you should at least quit smoking until this infection clears. Drink lots of water, run a vaporizer by your bed at night, try guafenisen. Yes, if it isn't substantially better soon, you should return to the doctor - perhaps an x-ray is in order.

Joe C
It can be very, very stubborn. I had it really bad and it lasted for months. Try taking a drive up into some mountains where there is clear air, if possible.

Also, drink lots and lots of water.

Sophia Z
I believe smoking does cause or contribute to bronchitis. I know it's hard to quit and that will probably take time but just keep taking your anti-biotics everyday and keep taking them or the viruses or bacteria will build up immunity making it much more harder to go away and for the doctors to treat. To help make it heal faster or from making it worst cut down on the number of cigaretts you smoke everyday. You don't have to quit but that would be best for your overall health in the long run and would prevent more cases of bronchitis in the future. I hope that helps a lil and I hope you make a full recovery...

O and make sure to take the anti-biotics even after you feel better just to be on the safe side. If you stop immediately after you feel better, likely a couple of the virus or bacteria survived the first barrage of anti-biotics and has built up immunity against it. Then they will multiply again and you'll be stuck in the same situation again, only you'll have to take stronger anti-biotics...stuff that clears mucus also helps and relieves symptons as mentioned below...if symptons get worst have some blood tests and x-rays done...

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