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Dr. Roach
Bad cough, mucus in it, no fever or side effects. what could it be?
ive hade this bad cough for over 2 weeks now and ive been coughing up mucus. what could it be?

could be sinus.... I've had it for the past month and a half... the coughing went away.. but I ended up having my ear clogged for the whole month and a half and still have it even after medication : / good luck..

If the mucus is discoloured than you need an antibiotic as you have infection. It's a good idea to go to your Doctor to make sure you don't have pneumonia. Fell well soon.

it is a strong possibility that its a sinus infection. you should see a doctor because if you leave it untreated it could cause and ear infection or somethinfg more severe. The doctor will probably just give you antibiotics.

go see a doc can't diagnose on internet.... could be anything

What color is the mucus?

It could just be alergies since there are no other signs or symptoms

It could be a number of things. It could be as simple as seasonal allergies or something more serious. Start by taking some over the counter allergy/sinus meds. If that doesn't help consult you Doctor.

Denise W
I would really go see the doctor. Mucus is a byproduct of infection or allergies, either way , expressing it (coughing) is a symptom of something more.

Good luck...just go.

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