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Are there any fast-acting inhalers that are safe for people with high blood pressure?
I want to talk to my doctor about my persistent cough. (I have cough asthma) and he doesn't really take time to really think out treatment plans. I want to go in armed with suggestions as to what meds I can take. . . I also have high blood pressure, so I think this limits me. . . this is just to get me feeling okay. . . then I will be going to an allergist for long term control. Thanks!

albuterol is pretty safe but use it only if needed.

Shannon V
i would check with your pharmacist they are on top of what you can and cannot take since you have high blood pressure i can sympathize with you i have high blood pressure and there are alot of meds out there i cant take
but i don't use inhalers.

Albuterol is pretty much the standard fast acting inhaler.
You might consider a medication like advair which combines a long lasting beta agonist with a steroid

Advair is best medication, but not fast acting. Inhale twice a day for maintenance of free breathing. Just don't forget to take it every morning and every evening.
Albuterol can be dangerous for those with heart condition.
Over the counter Primatene-MIST or Primatene tablets are reasonable in price, and drug stores have store brands even cheaper.

gizmo's pal
albuteral elavates your blood pressure,i'd get a doctor who cares more. good luck

bill j

my mom is on meds for her high blood pressure and her doc gave her an ALBUTEROL inhaler. it doesn't seem to affect her blood pressure. maybe you can try it.

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