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Any home remedies to cure bad cough and chest congestion?
URGENTLY need some tried and tested home remedies for bad throat infection / bad cough / chest congestion for kids and adults. Tired of giving anti-biotics! please help! :-)

question mark
boil wild cherry bark let cool add a little whiskey and some honey.mix Well and sip

Heat a pot of water on the stove. Take the pot off the burner and being very careful not to burn yourself, stand over the pot holding a towel up over your head to capture the steam and breathe in the moist steam...do NOT get so close that you burn yourself.

As for kids...get a cool mist vaporizer and run it in their room during the night. If you keep mucous membranes moisturized, you're less apt to get upper respiratory infections. The moisture also helps keep the lung secretions thinner so they can be coughed out. Drink plenty of fluids, even when you don't feel like drinking.

If you and your kids have a common cold with cough, you most likely don't need antibiotics. If you have strep throat or pneumonia, you'll need antibiotics to get completely well.

richard c
mucinex!!take it religiously it will clear up congestion!!it did mine!

In a juice glass, mix 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice, and as hot water as you can stand. Stir well and drink.

A mixture of half vingear half honey helps with the congestion and sore throat. Also a vaporizer, you can buy a vicks solution to go into it and it distributes it through the air. There is also a baby bath with vicks that you can use, it really does help. As far as medicines I have been told that Zycam is the best. Good Luck, I hope you feel better soon!

Vinegar and Honey mixed with a little warm water is good for the chest and gargle with salt water for the throat.

Hope you feel better soon x

Dr. Ruth Less
here's some things that may help....

1. sit in the bathroom 3 times a day for 20 minutes with the shower running really hot....keep the door closed and the window cracked just a bit. The steam helps to loosen the phlegm.

2. rub vicks vapor rub on the chest and back

3. for cough relief cut up some carrots (round thin slices) and put it in a bowl with brown sugar. Let it sit there until it creates syrup. Use the syrup as a cough suppressant. As a kid when I had the whooping cough that's what my parents used and it worked pretty well.

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